You need a SimRush pro 5G and a Static IP

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  • The 5G ODU is compatible with all 5G UK carriers (International model variations are available).
  • Not only is it capable of using the latest 5G technology, but it is also backwards compatible with the 4G LTE network out of the box for rapid 4G Failover. 
  • The 4G LTE chipset is Category 20 (CAT20) which is also very high-speed failover.
  • The Pro-controller is a professional level router with a high-performance quad core CPU to maximise processing power and capability.
  • It features and SFP+ 10Gb Fibre port, 7x Gigabit LAN ports and caters for 2x ODUs along with an AUX port for use with an alternative broadband such as FTTC, FTTP, xDSL, WISP and Ethernet Leased lines.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast download speeds of up to 1 Gbps*
  • Upload speeds up to a whopping 650 Mbps*
  • Super low latency
  • Multiple long range directional antennas for excellent signal strength
  • Carrier independent 5G Fixed IP address available (not included)
  • SimRush controller managed via SPanel, our cloud-based management system
  • Automatic 4G LTE backup out of the box

Key Benefits:

  • Super-fast connection – Much faster speeds available compared to 4G*
  • Low latency – say goodbye to lag when file transferring, checking your email, video conferencing or streaming!
  • Escape 4G congestion and ensure your connectivity does not drop at peak times.
  • Portable connectivity – As it does not need a phone line to operate, it is not fixed to your business or home address. When you move, it can be moved along with you!
  • Expandable with SimRush centrally managed add on WiFi 5 access points and network switches.
  • Overcomes common problems of working from home – Better quality video calls and save valuable time uploading or downloading files.
  • More devices connected simultaneously – No need to plan a time to use the internet. Simply connect when you need to.
  • Fully managed efficient networking for sites with a high volume of broadband users such as campsites, hotels and large offices.

*Theoretical maximum: performance depends on 5G provider mast capacity and operational environment.

SimRush Static IP

Our Static Public IP service is available to all SimRush customer. It provides remote access to devices for a variety of purposes. The IP address we provide is carrier agnostic. 

The SimRush Public IP address re-establishes itself over any connection remaining a constant Static Public IP Address that can be reached from anywhere in the world.  

With a Static Public IP you can…

  • Remotely access CCTV & devices
  • Host a server or website
  • Have less interruptions on VoIP calling
  • Offer remote flexible working for employees
  • Have accurate geolocation
  • Enjoy a stable connection for a cloud EPoS system

Simply add a static IP to your basket before checking out!