1st March 2018

Temporary Broadband & WiFI

Your location may temporary, but you can still get superfast connectivity and feature-rich WiFi for any duration from one day to a few years! SimRush provides you with a workable and cost-effective solution when you can’t, or don’t want to, commit to a fixed broadband service.

All SimRush hardware comes with guest WiFi as standard. It can also be configured as a hotspot or with a captive guest portal, not only ensuring you keep your business data private but also provides automated social media engagement with you users and the ability to collect valuable marketing data.

With a wide variety of sim packages available, you don’t have to commit to large monthly data packages or long contracts. Our smaller data sim allowances allow you to keep low monthly costs and add large data top-ups as and when they’re required, ideal for those with intermittently high bandwidth requirements.

If you need superfast connectivity at a location without existing telecoms infrastructure or if you’re just not planning on staying in one place too long SimRush hardware can be installed quickly enabling you to get online.

Great for:
– Construction sites
– Festivals and outdoor events
– Food and trade shows
– Locations with seasonal footfall such as campsites & holiday parks
– Premises with intermittent use such as church halls, sports clubs.