Temporary Broadband & WiFi

Even if your location is temporary, you can still get superfast connectivity and feature-rich WiFi. SimRush provides you with a workable and cost-effective temporary broadband solution when you can’t, or don’t want to, commit to a fixed broadband service.

SimRush is the ideal temporary broadband solution

If you need a superfast internet connection at a location without existing telecoms infrastructure or if you’re just not planning on staying in one place too long, then SimRush hardware is right for you.

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what are the main benefits of SimRush for temporary requirements?


Quick set up times

SimRush is quick and easy to install. When installed by one of our professional accredited installers, it can be up and running within two hours! Or you can even choose to install the kit yourselves using our handy installer guide.

Our prompt order completion times also ensure that you won’t be waiting around to get connected. This is especially useful for any mission critical connectivity needs.

Perhaps your primary internet connection will be undergoing maintenance for 6 weeks and you need a reliable alternative? Or maybe you are in the middle of switching to a different internet service provider? SimRush can be up and running within the week to keep your business online.


No phone line needed

As a 4G/5G mobile WiFi and broadband solution, SimRush does not need a landline or any kind of pre-existing infrastructure to work.

This means it’s ideal for temporary broadband as you don’t need to pay the extra cost to have the phone line installed. There’s also the added bonus that you won’t need to pay the extra cost of monthly line rental.


Business grade hardware

SimRush is a robust solution that can cope with technically complex environments and support large volumes of concurrent users.

We understand that even when a requirement is temporary, a quality solution is still necessary to do the job properly. SimRush will always provide high quality connectivity no matter the duration it’s needed for. We can ensure a good connectivity experience for your customers at peak times.


Static IP

One of the unique features of SimRush is the Static IP addressing add-on service.

If you need remote access to your devices, such as a temporary CCTV system, then you’ll need a static IP address.

A SimRush static IP address is assigned directly to the SimRush hardware, meaning it is independent of the external links to the internet that the SimRush Controller will have used to reach the public internet. Unlike with IP SIM packages, your IP address will be carrier independent and will remain constant regardless of the connection you are on.


Bespoke configuration

We understand that even for temporary requirements, connectivity is not one size fits all. That’s why we offer bespoke configuration options to ensure we get the best possible solution for your business.

You can have multiple WiFi SSIDs, traffic prioritisation and direction, VPN site-to-site services and you can even have SimRush configured as a load-balanced or failover solution when used in conjunction with another broadband type.

Need a temporary failover internet connection for your business? SimRush has got you covered.


Use with existing WiFi networks

If you already have an existing WiFi network, SimRush can be used as a temporary broadband solution in conjunction with the existing network. This saves you spending additional time and money on finding a compatible mobile WiFi system.

You can plug in your WiFi access points into the ethernet ports available on the SimRush router for seamless broadband and WiFi performance.

SimRush Guest WiFi

For those businesses who don’t already have an existing WiFi network in place, SimRush can provide this for you.

All SimRush hardware comes with guest WiFi as standard, helping to keep your business data private.

It can also be configured as a WiFi hotspot using active WiFi within the SimRush Controller (router). You can also expand this WiFi signal using WiFi access points that will boost the WiFi performance in any hard to reach areas of your premises.

SimRush can also be used in conjunction with a captive guest portal, called Social-i. The cloud-based Social-i portal provides your customers with a platform that enables easy internet access and gives you a suite of marketing tools and reports.

It enables you to give your customers a personalised connectivity experience by using targeted and automated marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to gain valuable data about your audience.

Social-i is available for a monthly fee based on the amount of users you have and a small upfront cost for set up. So, it’s ideal for any temporary WiFi requirements as you can simply stop paying for the service when it’s no longer needed.

Mobile Data

As SimRush is a 4G mobile broadband solution that provides a connection through the mobile network, you will need a data SIM for the SimRush package to work.

With a wide variety of SIM card packages available, you don’t have to commit to a large monthly data allowance or long contract if you don’t want to.

Smaller data SIM allowances allow you to keep low monthly cost and add large mobile data top-ups as and when they’re required. This is ideal for those with intermittently high bandwidth requirements.

There are 30-day rolling Unlimited data SIM options which are suitable for any temporary installations where you don’t have an agreed end date for the requirement. The SIM will keep rolling until you put in the cancellation request. There are no cancellation fees involved, you will just need to give 30 days notice for the cancellation to be made. There are no status and credit checks or eligibility criteria either.

12 month contract and 24 month contract options are also available, as well as tariffs offering unlimited data allowance (with fair use policy). For longer contracts you can set up a direct debit but this isn’t necessary for short term device plans.

For full mobile data options, please contact FreeClix to get the latest deals and tariffs (terms apply).

Who might need temporary WiFi?

There’s a number of reasons why you might need temporary high speed internet.

Temporary broadband is suited to:
  • Construction sites
  • Festivals and outdoor events (e.g. outdoor cinema)
  • Food and trade shows
  • Locations with seasonal footfall (e.g. campsites, coffee shops, holiday parks, schools & hotels)
  • Premises with intermittent use (e.g. churches, town halls & sports clubs)
  • Connectivity whilst waiting for a leased line installation
  • Short term accommodation renting or moving property soon
  • Working from home temporarily
  • CCTV
  • Rural temporary home broadband
Case Study
Temporary Broadband & WiFi:

Connecting the royal norfolk show

The Internet Service Provider, FreeClix used SimRush equipment to provide temporary broadband at the Royal Norfolk Show for Buy Local Norfolk’s stand.

Buy Local Norfolk wanted to offer free WiFi to visitors to their marquee whilst at the event. SimRush was the perfect solution for this, providing connectivity where traditional methods would have failed due to the rural nature of the event location.

Buy Local Norfolk were able to get online to run demonstrations, host live competitions and show company videos on their stands across the two-day event.

Read the full case study here.

  Have questions? We've got answers:

It is possible to find fibre broadband deals that are available on 30-day rolling contracts from several broadband providers, such as Virgin Media.

These deals require you to pay a higher monthly price than on a minimum term fixed contract and normally come with expensive upfront costs on top of that too.

Without a longer contract in place, you might have to pay connection and administration charges when you get short term broadband. You will also often have to pay for a WiFi router.

Without a longer contract in place, you might have to pay connection and administration charges when you get short term broadband. You will also often have to pay for a WiFi router.

Fibre broadband to the cabinet (FTTC) requires existing infrastructure such as a landline to be in place to work. If you do not already have this in place, it is not ideal to pay for a phone line installation for a temporary requirement.

Unlike mobile broadband such as SimRush, fibre broadband can not be taken with you when you move premises. This means it is not ideal for anyone who is renting accommodation for a short period of time or for travelling events.

The lack of flexibility with fibre broadband makes it an unappealing option for temporary high speed internet.

  • You don’t want to commit to a long term contract
  • You are thinking of switching broadband providers in the next 6 months or moving to a new home
  • You need connectivity for a one-off event
  • You are renting accommodation on a short term basis
  • You are student moving to a new home or between properties
  • Your site/premises is only temporary (e.g. construction site)
  • Your site/premises is only used for certain periods of the year (e.g. holiday parks, theme parks etc)
  • You need temporary CCTV monitoring

Tethering – This is only ideal for very low internet users who need to briefly get online. Tethering works by turning your mobile phone into a ‘mobile personal hotspot’ and using the data you receive on your phone to browse.

Dongle – Dongles provide a limited data and restricted internet speeds. They are only ideal for limited internet use. They often resemble USB sticks which plug into your laptop’s USB port and provide a WiFi connection using the mobile network.

4G/5G broadband – Using an external antenna and an internal router to provide you with reliable high-speed connectivity either via WiFi or through a wired ethernet connection. You need to have 4G or 5G mobile signal in your area to get good broadband speeds using this option.

No contract fixed broadband – This is traditional fixed line broadband such as ADSL or FTTC provided on a short term basis, rather than through a minimum period contract. Short term broadband has a high monthly subscription cost and a steep upfront cost but does allow you to avoid any cancellation fees associated with ending a contract early.

Satellite broadband – This could be used for temporary broadband to get online in theory. However, with expensive setup costs, installation fees and poor download speed, satellite broadband is not recommended for temporary high speed internet.

A rolling broadband contract is one that does not tie you down for a set period of time. It keeps rolling each month that you don’t choose to cancel it.

Rolling contracts provide you with much more flexibility compared to a standard broadband contract. You can easily switch to another broadband provider if you found a better deal.

It’s worth noting, rolling contracts normally come with a higher monthly price than fixed contracts as providers know they don’t have your loyalty so make up for this by charging more than the standard rates (terms apply).