Superfast 4G Failover

Backup Your Connection with Superfast 4G Failover

It’s critical your business is constantly connected to the internet for cloud services, VoIP, Email, printing…the list is endless  

You may already have superfast connectivity using broadband or a leased line, but what would you do if that connection failed? The cause could be anything from storm damage to vermin nibbling the cables! Without internet, your business-critical operations would really suffer. How much time and money would you lose having to temporarily relocate or send staff home even for just a day?  

SimRush is a 4G Failover Solution

As well as providing a primary source of internet for many homes and businesses, SimRush can be programmed to act as a failover if your broadband fails for any reason. During normal, uninterrupted use of the primary connection, SimRush will simply be waiting; not providing connectivity. As soon as the primary connection fails, SimRush lights up and provides temporary broadband connectivity until the problem with the primary connection is resolved.  

One of the primary goals of any failover service is to deliver consistent broadband during a fault in the primary system. As SimRush uses 4G LTE, it is a far superior non-cabled alternative than wireless and satellite due to its low latency and superfast speeds.  

Business people standing in office. Business woman showing something to her colleague on digital tablet.
Business people very happy they kept their internet as they had a superfast 4G failover.

The SimRush router uses 4G LTE technology, so as long as your primary connection uses adslfibre, wireless or satellite it won’t be affected by the same issues as your permanent broadband solution. And as you can even power SimRush from a 12V car charger you can even stay online in a power cut! SimRush enables you to achieve a no single point of failure business connectivity. Your business stays up and running.  

Our preferred network operator is EE which has coverage across more than 90% of the UK and in 2018 was voted the UK’s best network for five years running.  

If you would like to use SimRush as your failover option of choice, contact us.