The Customer Portal

SPanel is the SimRush customer portal. It simplifies the user experience enabling changes to be easily made to local networking parameters. The portal allows the end user to make changes to the router including local LAN address, DHCP services, firewall rules, port forwarding, wireless SSID and passwords. Guest WiFi preferences can also be managed via the portal.

SimRush hardware performs a specific and complex role in the delivery of the broadband service, our devices are cloud managed to ensure consistently high performance and reliability. Device settings are continually backed up to our data centre enabling us to perform troubleshooting for our customers should the need arise. (We do not monitor or store any of your traffic data, for example your browsing activity).

Cloud management enables your SimRush to be automatically updated with the latest firmware releases which are rigorously tested and approved before being pushed to your device.   


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SPanel Guide

Want to know how SPanel works?

We’ve got a handy guide that’ll tell you:

  • How to login to SPanel
  • How to look at relevant site details (e.g. WiFi SSID, LAN details)
  • How to add additional users on SPanel