Slowest Streets for Broadband in the UK Mapped

An annual survey has discovered that the UK’s worst street for broadband speeds is nearly 2000 times slower than the fastest.

The fastest street is Abdon Avenue in Birmingham, which has an average download speed of 265Mbps. The UK’s slowest street is Greenmeadows Park in Cheltenham. With a shocking average download speed of 0.143Mbps.

The Department for Digital,Culture, Media and Sport are aiming to reduce this disparity by offering subsidised broadband installation. The grant is offered to homes and businesses that cannot reach a download of 2Mbps. This scheme is saving homes and businesses thousands of pounds a year by enabling users to get online hassle free. SimRush is proud to be a supplier on this scheme.

Superfast Broadband: but not as you know it!

We believe this disparity in broadband quality is unacceptable. SimRush uses 4G LTE technology to get the UK’s most remote homes and businesses online. Contact us today to discover how we can help connect your home or business and reach download speeds of up to 90Mbps.

What broadband download speed do you need?


Basic browsing. 

Checking socials, internet shopping and following the news.



Basic browsing as well as listening to music and watching TV shows and movies.

90Mbps +

All day-ers. 

Basic browsing, streaming, gaming, video-calling and uploading on multiple devices. Ideal for the home office user.