SimRush vs. 4G Router

SimRush is no ordinary 4G router. It’s a business class connectivity solution unlike any other.

Have a look at the below SimRush vs. standard 4G router to discover what makes SimRush one of a kind!

 4G Hardware & Antennae SimRush Hardware
Cable run length from Outdoor Unit to Indoor router

Important to ensure no signal degradation from external hardware to internal hardware
5MUp to 90M
Pure ethernet at source

Means zero signal degradation between ODU and indoor router

Protects your hardware from being attacked over the internet

Block all inbound only
Full stateful inspection firewall with web based rule control for inbound & outbound traffic
WPA2 Security enabled

Ensures your WiFi is always secure
WPS disabled

Ensures your WiFi is secure and reduces rick of unauthorised access

Professional Install

Ensures hardware is positioned in the optimal place to receive the best 4G signal
Supplier dependent

Usually off the shelf DIY solution
Expandable multi-sim design

Easily increase data allowance

1 sim only

12 sims over multiple carriers
Expandable WiFi

Extend WiFi coverage throughout to ensure good all over coverage

Third party add on required
Guest WiFi ready

Share your WiFi without sharing your personal data
Guest WiFi Access Portal Capable?

Use a login portal for guests to access the WiFi and Capture marketing data from your clients

Out of the box
Cloud Based Management

Control your router & network from anywhere at anytime

May be found with some suppliers
Multi-SSID and Vlan Capable

Allows for multiple wireless networks and network separation

Custom network design can be provided for individual client needs
Managed remote support

Professional dedicated support available to you as and when you need it

All hardware communicates with our datacentre for monitoring & management purposes.
Failover, Load balance & bonded multiple WAN links

Connect your 4G hardware to work in conjunction with an existing internet connection

Failover, loadbalanced and bonded service configuration are available
Static Public IP Address?

Provide remote access to devices on your network for a variety of purposes (e.g. CCTV).
Only with specific carrierYes

SimRush static IP addresses remain constant regardless of the WAN interface used for traffic.
Plug and play with existing WiFi network

No requirement for major network infrastructure changes

Ensures minimal downtime for hardware

All SimRush 4G hardware runs checking scripts to maintain connectivity with carrier networks
Content Filtering Options

Be in control of the information and content that can be accessed on your network

Available as an option with a static IP service, cloud based content filtering
Block or restrict devices

Control what devices can access your network and ban malicious devices

You would need to pay for additional software to do this

Access control lists can be modified to block or restrict traffic
Time block devices

Control what times devices can or can’t get online

‘Parent Control’ is available to restrict usage based on a time and device profile per user
Dual band radio

2.4Ghz & 5Ghz capability

All SimRush WiFi have dual concurrent radios 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac as standard

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