12th October 2016

SimRush Speeds in Your Area

SimRush Speeds in Your Area

SimRush uses the EE 4G network for its amazing connectivity. SimRush’s advantage is that it sees 4G broadband when your mobile phone or other device doesn't..... You can’t see it but SimRush can. In certain locations it can even see 4G broadband when your mobile phone or device does not have any signal at all. We therefore strongly recommend against using any mobile device as a benchmark for EE coverage at your location.

Want to see if you've got SimRush coverage where you are? The quickest and most reliable way to do this is to perform an EE coverage checker using your postcode. This will give you a good indication of the 4G coverage in your area. Even if your property is showing as not covered by EE's coverage checker, you can still get a great SimRush signal. Below are some of our 'SimRush Sees it again posts' where no 4G signal has been detected on a mobile phone but SimRush has achieved a great speed.

If your property is showing as a no coverage area on the EE checker please contact us and we can arrange a site survey. 

Why not have a look at the results SimRush has already achieved across the UK on our results page. These are from when the SimRush car goes out on the road, onsite demos and completed installations.