SimRush FAQs

We’ve got answers to all the questions you might have when you first start considering SimRush broadband.

If you’re looking for answers to more specific questions after your SimRush has been installed, check out our Knowledgebase for answers to hundreds of SimRush related questions!

Getting Started

SimRush is wireless hardware configured with SimRush software that provides connectivity solutions for businesses and homes that are unable to get fast internet via fixed line, wireless or satellite methods. It is the ultimate solution for places where internet connectivity is essential, but not possible.  

SimRush is also well-suited to situations where the connectivity is temporary or mobile as it does not rely on a traditional fixed phone line. For example a workplace, retail space, event or mobile home. 

SimRush is also used as a reliable failover for businesses or homes that need to be connected 24/7. It can form part of your disaster recovery or business continuity plans to ensure that if your primary method of connectivity fails, SimRush will keep you online and working. 

SimRush products can be purchased from our Approved Resellers. 

Approved Resellers can provide you with the advice you need to ensure you select the correct solution for your business or home.

They can also design bespoke solutions to integrate SimRush connectivity into even the trickiest of environments to give you the speeds and uptime you need. 

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SimRush uses the latest routing hardware technology, cloud based SimRush software and 4G LTE/5G data to provide superfast speeds over the mobile carrier network of your choice.  

A SimRush Base Pack comprises two wireless devices; the “SimRush Outdoor Unit” and an internal router, the “SimRush Controller”. 

The SimRush Outdoor Unit is mounted externally to the premises, usually at the highest point possible. Generally speaking, the higher your SimRush Outdoor Unit is the higher your speeds will be!

An Ethernet cable is run from the Outdoor Unit to the SimRush Controller, to ensure there is no signal loss between the them.

Everything! Email, browsing, data backup, cloud services, VoIP and WiFi calling, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, EPOS, credit card machines, inventory management, CCTV. Whatever you need a broadband connection for, SimRush can do it! 

SimRush operates as a stand-alone business connection meaning you can confidently replace any poor performing existing connections.

However, SimRush can also be combined with fixed line, wireless and satellite internet connectivity to act as failover or a speed boost when you need it most. It can also be used in load balanced mode.


SimRush takes around 2 hours to install on average. 

It may take longer depending on the premises and hardware package that’s being installed.

Contact your Accredited Installer or Approved Reseller to advise you on more specific times.


Commercial offices, temporary sites, people working from home, manufacturing companies, retail outlets, mobile outlets, cafes, hotels, restaurants, farms, agriculture, telemetry, CCTV operators and more.

If you need connectivity, then SimRush is for you. SimRush can be moulded to suit your bespoke needs, so no matter what you’re requirements SimRush can support it.

Take a look at some examples of who we’ve connected here.

Pricing is based on an initial cost for the hardware and installation fee, then an ongoing monthly cost for data. 

There is a range of different hardware models to adapt to different physical and technical requirements. 

If you want a free non-obligatory quote from your nearest Approved Reseller then just contact us.