17th September 2016

SimRush Sees it Again


SimRush can pick up a 4G connection where a mobile phone can’t get 4G, indeed even when your mobile device can’t get any signal at all.

The images in these posts show the EE signal strength to our mobile device or the expected 4G coverage for that postcode based on EEs data coverage checker. In the various post images you will see examples where the mobile device was only able to see connectivity ranging from gprs to 3G or even no signal at all. Despite this apparent lack of 4G SimRush was able to find the 4G to deliver the super-quick speed tests shown.


We share our results to our own speed test map which we update with results when the SimRush car goes out on the road to do a demo.

If you would like to talk to us about SimRush speed tests in your area please call 03300 563110.

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