31st January 2018

SimRush Coverage

“Is this the UK’s best alternative broadband coverage?” Genius WIFi, Lincolnshire. 

SimRush delivers its superfast speeds using EE’s data network and covers more than 85% of the UK.

SimRush devices can pick up 4G signals even when your mobile phone or device does not have any signal at all. Quite simply it can reach places other providers cannot. 

Want to see if you’ve got SimRush coverage where you are? Do not use a mobile device as a benchmark for SimRush coverage at your premises location.  Find your location on one of our map to see if you have coverage.

If you wish to do a postcode search using EE’s coverage map you can do so but remember…

  1. SimRush can reach EE transmitters over huge distances and deliver superfast broadband to premises even in places with no mobile signal.
  2. These maps are just a guide! The maps show mobile phone coverage only they do not show the full SimRush coverage.
  3. Don’t think you have coverage? You probably do! Just call us and we’ll take a closer look at your premises address and give you the right advice.

You can see some of the results SimRush has already achieved across the UK where no 4G signal has been detected on a mobile phone but SimRush has achieved a great speed.

….. You can’t see it but SimRush can.




UK Coverage



Northern Ireland



Midlands – North

South- East

Midlands – South

Just some of the fantastic speeds achieved with SimRush

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the fantastic speedtest results being shared on social media