Cable Guides

If you want to check your SimRush is set up correctly, you can use our simple SimRush Cable Guides.

Simply click the link for your SimRush Controller or Outdoor Unit below to check your set up.

SimRush Controllers

SimRush One/One+ Controller

SimRush One
SimRush One+

SimRush AC3 Controller

SimRush Power Controller

SimRush Pro & Pro WiFi Controller

SimRush Pro WiFi
SimRush Pro

SimRush Pro 5G & Pro WiFi 5G Controller

SimRush Pro WiFi
SimRush Pro

SimRush Omni (Previously named SimRush Go+)

SimRush Omni One

SimRush Omni
AP One

SimRush Outdoor Units

SimRush Standard ODU

SimRush Long Range ODU

SimRush 5G ODU

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