Remote Education: Getting Rural Teachers Online

The Challenge

Two teachers from a rural area got in touch with the SimRush Master Distributor, FreeClix, to see if they could improve their broadband service. They were trying to teach online classes from home during the lockdown period in March 2020 but were struggling to do this because their internet was so slow.

It got to the point that they were leaving their house to find connectivity elsewhere because it was impossible to work from home using the BT fixed line connection they had.

SimRush Master Distributor, FreeClix, were asked to install a system that would enable them to teach effectively from home.

The house was located in a dip which exacerbated the issue of very weak 4G signal reception. 

The building itself posed quite the challenge due to it being an older property with thick walls that obstructed internal WiFi coverage. 

The Solution

To ensure a good 4G LTE signal was achieved, we installed a standard SimRush One unit with a long-range antenna and raised the antenna to the highest point possible above the chimney. The increased sensitivity of the long-range antenna enabled us to get a good signal for the property.

To combat the WiFi difficulties, powerline adaptors were used between the room which housed the main router and the customer’s home office, to boost the WiFi signal in this area. This was necessary as the office was in the extended part of the house, which was quite a distance from where the router sits.

Unlike with their original BT broadband, SimRush were able to extend the wireless coverage around the property to ensure they had excellent WiFi in all areas.

The Result

We were able to achieve 35 Mbps for the customer rather than the 0.5 Mbps they were getting before from BT.

This massive step up in quality of service enabled the customers to use the online video software in their home office, which they were unable to run prior to the SimRush installation.

They are now able to teach online classes from the comfort of their own home, without the stress of constant interruptions and buffering.

When lockdown struck in March 2020 it immediately highlighted a problem with working from home. We are both teachers and our attempts to teach remotely using Teams or its equivalent proved impossible due to slow broadband. Our children had to stop what they were doing in order to try and make a difference, it didn’t. BT could offer us nothing to help. The SimRush system we had installed by Freeclix fixed the problem. Now we can have 5 people using a variety of remote learning systems without complications. We were unable to watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix without constant buffering. That is no longer a problem. We no longer have to think about Broadband because it simply works.