SimRush Licence

Product Licence

The SimRush Product Licence Base pack is an Annual subscription for up to 10 units (1 x ODU, 1 x Controller, 8 x Accessories)

The SimRush Licence provides helpdesk support, remote diagnostics, firmware updates, access to “SPanel” the SimRush management portal.

Product Licenses are not chargeable when the end user has a SimRush Issue Data Sim from the SimRush Approved Partner at the point of sale or the SimRush main distributor.

Product licences are chargeable when customers use their own data SIM or renew SimRush issued data SIMs with another partner. 

To purchase your SimRush Licence please follow the link below. This will redirect you to our payment gateway stripe to take payment for your SimRush Licence. 

Unlicensed hardware will be disconnected from the SimRush network. Your hardware will still work, but you won’t be able to access any of the SimRush features and your hardware will no longer be supported.