1st March 2018

Save on Leased Line

Save Waiting Weeks or months for leased line

When you’re waiting for your fibre connectivity install, which can easily have a wait time of 45-90 days from order, can your business really afford to be offline for that long? Fortunately, SimRush is available, enabling you to overcome delays and get connected in days not months.  

SimRush can be deployed as an enterprise-grade Pre-Ethernet connectivity solution within one working day reducing the time your business needs to be offline. SimRush has been designed to work seamlessly with other forms of connectivity, so once your leased line installation is complete, it seamlessly provides a resilient failover ensuring your business never has to go offline.  

Key Advantages 

-Get instant superfast, low latency connectivity for voice & data  

Powerful SPanel Management System for the SimRush hardware 

-Optional service add-ons such as static IP 

-Rapid deployment of service – UK Next day delivery on orders made before 2pm 

-Choice of data packages up to 720GB 

-30 day packages available