Pontus Research, Wales – Case Study

The Challenge

A 12,000ft research facility located on the Hirwaun industrial estate in South Wales required a significant improvement to its internet connection. The premises had a download speed of only 2Mbps but a superfast internet connection of over 30Mbps was required throughout. Due to the location of the premises FTTC was not a viable option and a leased line was not desirable to due to excessive cost.

The company wanted a supplier that was listed on the Access Broadband Cymru scheme, which would mean they could receive an £800 grant to cover the following costs:

– Set up & survey
– Installation fees
– Equipment

The Solution

The Hirwaun Industrial Estate is in a poor mobile signal area, but after completing a desktop survey it was determined that SimRush would be perfect for the businesses needs. Unlike other 4G LTE solutions using a 4G router with an antenna, SimRush does not need a discernible mobile signal in the area in order to provide superfast connectivity.

The SimRush model was identified based on the specific business needs, it provided the customer with connectivity throughout the premises and acts as a managed controller for the WiFi.

The SimRush installation was completed in just a few hours, which meant minimal interference with the company’s working day.

The Result

FreeClix was able to deliver a superfast service to the customer in a poor 4G service area within budget using SimRush.

After having spent several weeks trying to find an affordable broadband solution for a site being offered only 2Mbps via traditional cabled services, FreeClix offered the SimRush product which now gives me over 30Mbps at a very affordable price point.