FreeClix showcases SimRush at Norfolk Chamber of Commerce MPs Event February 2017

SimRush uses next generation access technology and LTE connectivity to deliver superfast broadband to premises with little or no existing capability. It is taking businesses which are in broadband not-spots by storm and transforming the way they can do business.

After its initial research and development phase the product underwent a vigorous testing phase for 12 months ensuring it was ready for general wide-scale UK release in Q4 of 2016.  Norfolk based internet communications provider FreeClix was appointed as Lead Technology Partner in September 2016 and it was fitting that a product researched and developed in Norfolk was given its first public exhibition at a Norfolk event.

The Norfolk Chamber of Commerce MPs Event 2017 was the perfect launchpad given the ‘Revolution in Technology’ and ‘Changing Landscape and Infrastructure’ topics under debate. The product received enthusiastic interest from delegates and MPs who clearly demonstrated they were all keen to ensure Norfolk businesses are not left behind by poor broadband infrastructure.

The FreeClix stand featured this fun video below which explained the benefits of the product to visitors.

SimRush is the perfect product for both Norfolk and UK-wide business (and home) users who are sick of waiting around to be fibre enabled, cannot get wireless as they are obscured by trees, because local fixed access wireless providers do not have enough customers to make installations viable, or they simply don’t want satellite due to its high latency and cost.

SimRush hardware can be used ‘out of the box’ and can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The cloud managed devices are automatically kept up to date can be managed locally by end users via the customer portal. To enable users to meet their specific needs in more complex network environments, the equipment can be configured to meet customers’ bespoke requirements and can be deployed into premises as part of a wider connectivity solution.

Businesses which now have the superfast service they need have found it has not just allowed them to conduct ordinary business, its enabled them to compete and grow. This case study gives a brilliant example of how a rural business has literally transformed the way it’s now doing business thanks to a SimRush install by FreeClix.

SimRush can be purchased across the UK from authorised technical resellers. Pricing is dependent on data requirement please contact us for details of your nearest authorised technical reseller who can provide you with advice and pricing.