SimRush 5G prevents business downtime for international wine retailer, Naked Wines

The Challenge

Naked Wines are an award-winning online wine retailer who ship wine throughout the UK, USA and Austraila. Their head office is based in Norwich city centre.

Excellent connectivity for the office space is critical to keep the business running efficiently.

As part of a planned premises move, Naked Wines had arranged to transfer their existing leased line to their new office building. But when the installation was delayed by several weeks, they were left without any arranged connectivity for their first few weeks in the new office.

They contacted the UK SimRush Master Distributor, FreeClix, to help provide a solution that would enable their head office to stay online without experiencing any downtime.

Naked Wines not only required excellent internet speeds to support their diverse business activity, but they also required a solution that could be rapidly deployed for temporary circumstances without a lengthy contract involved.

To add to the challenge, Naked Wines also needed the temporary service to appear the same as their existing internet connection, with an identical public IP address.

The Solution

FreeClix deployed the SimRush Pro 5G as a pre-ethernet solution for Naked Wines.

As it was based in the city centre, the new office building had excellent 5G coverage making SimRush 5G the perfect hardware to get the fastest speeds possible for the business.

As no pre-existing infrastructure is required for a SimRush installation, this was the ideal solution for their time-pressured, temporary requirement. They were also able to use a 30-day SIM card with unlimited data meaning they were not tied to any unnecessary contracts.

Prior to installation, the FreeClix team carried out an Ekahau wireless survey of the new premises to work out exactly what was needed for the job. Most devices used by Naked Wines, including their VoIP telephone system, are wireless. Therefore, a seamless WiFi connection throughout the office was of upmost importance to ensure there were no call dropouts if employees needed to move around the space.

FreeClix connected a network of Juniper Mist WiFi access points to the SimRush Controller to provide high quality WiFi coverage throughout the office. They were also able to configure the Static Public IP address to appear identical to their previous working service so that to the outside eye, it didn’t look as if Naked Wines had moved premises at all.

The whole system was installed extremely quickly, getting Naked Wines up and running within just a few hours.

The Result

The SimRush Pro 5G provided excellent temporary internet for the office, with download speeds reaching a huge 289 Mbps!

Not only did SimRush 5G provide excellent 5G speeds, it also offered Naked Wines brilliant network resilience due to the built in 4G LTE failover. This meant that if the 5G network failed, it would automatically fall back on to the 4G network to keep the business online.

By deploying SimRush 5G as a pre-ethernet solution, FreeClix were able to meet all the requirements of the premises move and prevented Naked Wines from experiencing a prolonged and potentially damaging period of downtime.