Mission Critical Connectivity for Mediation 1st

The Challenge

Mediation 1st, a nationally rated UK based commercial mediator, use SimRush hardware to provide their business internet connection. They are completely reliant on stable connectivity to ensure the day to day running of the business is as smooth as possible.

Mediation 1st are located outside of a 5G coverage area in South Norfolk. However, when SimRush 5G hardware became available, they were keen to see what benefits upgrading from their 4G only kit to the 5G ready service could offer.

The Solution

Mediation 1st upgraded from the SimRush One to the SimRush Pro WiFi 5G. This required a new SimRush Controller and Outdoor Unit.

A survey at the business premises using the 5G ready kit found that they could achieve huge download speeds of almost 100Mbps and upload speeds of 52Mbps.

Despite not having a 5G signal in their location, upgrading to the SimRush 5G kit enabled them to see these fantastic broadband speed improvements.

This is because SimRush 5G is backwards compatible with the 4G LTE network. Due to the upgraded CAT 20 modem in the 5G hardware (the original SimRush One is CAT 6) their speeds on the 4G LTE network were even faster than with the original set up.

They also now have stronger network resilience as they have two SIMs included in their set up from two different networks, EE and Vodafone. This means if one network has an outage, they will stay online through the alternative network.


The Result

Mediation 1st are now achieving even better speeds than before of up to 100Mbps just using the 4G network!

They have strengthened their broadband connection which supports all of their online business activity, such as video conference calls and virtual meeting rooms.

The upgrade to SimRush 5G has also future proofed their internet for when 5G is available in the area. The speeds they can achieve will continue to increase when 5G is rolled out to South Norfolk, boosting their business performance even further!

SimRush has been brilliant, for a mediation business in the pandemic literally the difference between having a thriving business and being out of business.