McLeod Aggregates Case Study

The Challenge

“With Head Office only 1 mile away it was very frustrating to have no card paying facilities and very slow, sometimes non-existent connectivity”

McLeod Aggregates wanted a connectivity option that would allow them to access superfast speeds for their site offices. Fixed and Wireless methods of delivery were not possible as they are located in an area that is not currently fibre enabled, and BT has no plans or timescales to implement fibre, also the local wireless provider was unable to provide a service due to their proximity to trees and lack of line of sight.

They needed a reliable alternative that could be installed quickly and that would provide them with superfast speeds quickly having to wait months or years for fibre planned dates and which wouldn’t incur excessive costs.

The Solution

SimRush technology reseller FreeClix stepped in with the solution to the problem with lack of connectivity options. A demonstration was arranged at the site to show how the hardware works and perform SimRush speed tests, the average of which was 25Mb.

Working closely with McLeod Aggregates, FreeClix were also able to examine previous data usages and suggest a suitable data package that would meet the performance requirements of the business.

The Result

McLeod Aggregates are on average getting speeds of 25Mb. McLeod Aggregates have access to superfast broadband now, rather than having to wait months or even years for the fibre broadband roll out to come to their area; SimRush does not rely on a fixed line so it meant McLeod Aggregates were online in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

As a result of the faster connectivity it has meant that McLeod Aggregates will be looking to install a card payment machine, in the near future, via the internet and speed up communications to their head office.