Superfast Internet Failover

It’s critical your business is constantly connected to the internet for cloud services, VoIP, Email, printing…the list is endless!

You may already have superfast connectivity using broadband or a leased line, but what would you do if that connection failed? The cause could be anything from storm damage to vermin nibbling the cables!

Without internet, your business-critical operations would really suffer. How much time and money would you lose having to temporarily relocate or send staff home even for just a day?

Get an internet failover solution installed to ensure you’re always online.

What is Internet Failover?

Internet failover is a secondary connection that can take over if there is an issue with your primary network connection. It acts as a backup to ensure that there is no internet downtime even when there is a disruption to your main broadband service.

It’s ideal for any businesses who rely on the internet for every day running and need continued internet connectivity to remain productive.

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Why Does Your Business Need Internet Failover?

Internet outages can occur at any time without warning. Outages may happen due to poor network cabling or hardware issues but can also occur due to even less controllable factors such as environmental disasters or cyber security attacks.

Internet failover will ensure that whatever happens, you will still have a backup connection available.

It will help provide your business with internet redundancy. This is simply reducing your reliance on one source of internet connection and spreading that potential internet failure over various sources to make your connection more robust.

Without internet failover, your business could be subject to a whole host of negative consequences such as:
  • A decline in the company’s competitiveness and reputation
  • A loss of sales (particularly for eCommerce businesses)
  • Lost contact with customers and partners
  • Delayed production times
  • Having no ability to take payments for services/products
  • Preventing employees from communicating with each other
  • A decline in productivity due to disrupted workflow
  • An increased security risk from the loss of your primary internet connection

Even if the outage is short and rectified quickly, the repercussions of even the shortest outages could be huge. A redundant internet connection will provide peace of mind to your staff and customers alike.

What Industries most need Internet Failover?

Ensuring internet is not lost or disrupted and internet uptime is maintained is imperative in virtually all industries and organisations. 

Standout industry examples where internet uptime is mission critical:
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare

SimRush is a 4G Failover Solution

In failover mode, the 4G link is dormant until it’s needed for automated failover of the primary circuit, so you won’t be unnecessarily using up your mobile data.

As well as providing a primary source of internet for many homes and businesses, SimRush can be programmed to act as a failover if your broadband fails for any reason. During normal, uninterrupted use of the primary connection, SimRush will simply be waiting; not providing connectivity.

As soon as the primary connection fails, SimRush lights up and provides temporary broadband connectivity until the problem with the primary connection is resolved.

One of the primary goals of any failover service is to deliver consistent broadband during a fault in the primary system. As SimRush uses 4G LTE, it is a far superior non-cabled alternative than wireless and satellite due to its low latency and superfast speeds.

Business people very happy they kept their internet as they had a superfast 4G failover. The SimRush router uses 4G LTE technology, so as long as your primary connection uses ADSL, fibre, wireless or satellite it won’t be affected by the same issues as your permanent broadband solution.

And as you can power SimRush from a 12V car charger you can even stay online in a power cut! SimRush enables you to forget those worries about your business going offline. With SimRush working as a backup, your business will stay up and running.

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SimRush 5G Failover Solution

Our SimRush 5G solution is also an ideal option for high speed failover internet access.

The 5G-ready SimRush hardware is not only available for use with all UK 5G carriers, it’s also backwards compatible with the 4G network out of the box. This means there is already an automatic failover connection built in to the hardware, providing yet another layer of internet security for your business.

If you’re in a 5G area and need to ensure your business always has to the fastest speeds then this is the right backup internet connection for you. It’s the ideal backup solution if you have a fibre broadband service as your primary connection and want to avoid internet downtime.