8th June 2017

Installation Terms

All installations are booked via the customer’s supplier.

Standard Installations include either up to a 20 metre (Level 1) or 40 metre (Level 2) cable run. Cable run length is dependent on your property size and the distance between the location of the Outdoor Unit (ODU) and the Indoor Unit (IDU).

The following is included in the standard installation:

  1. Installation of the ODU to a suitable mounting kit or pole.
  2. Installation of the Cat5e external grade cable from ODU (run up to 20 or 40 metres) to a suitable single point (in the same building to which the ODU is mounted) via an agreed entry point to the premises.
  3. All cabling will be run externally, on all installs holes will be drilled for cable access.
  4. Any internal cable will be surfaced mounted (e.g tacked to the skirting board & terminated within a wall box.
  5. The cable shall be terminated with the required Cat5e terminal and all wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements.
  6. A test of the bandwidth will be carried out to confirm that the new equipment is fully operational.

Our suppliers make every endeavour to ensure they have selected the correct install size for customers’ premises based on the information they collect from customers before a booking is made. However, please be aware it is not possible for a supplier to give an absolute guarantee as to the length of the cable run required at any premises. Prior to commencing the install the installer will discuss the locations of the ODU and the IDU with the customer when the installer arrives at the site. It is possible in some cases that a Level 1 install booking has been made which proves to provide insufficient cable run to enable the units to be installed as required. In that case, and where the required cable run is less than 40 metres, a surcharge of £85.00 + Vat will be payable directly to the installer to upgrade the booking to a Level 2 install booking (credit and debit cards are accepted)

If a confirmed booking for installation is unable to take place due to cancellation, no show or any other failure on the part of customer, the following fees shall apply and the customer will be liable to pay these fees to their supplier before any further bookings can be arranged:

  1. Level 1 installation £85.00
  2. Level 2 installation £100.00

The standard installation may not be suitable for all premises, for example if your property is over two stories high, is a listed building or you require all cable to be hidden. In such cases a site survey may need to be undertaken prior to installation to produce a bespoke quote. Please discuss this with your supplier who will be able to advise you. 

If you have any other specific premises requirements for your install over and above the standard installation features outlined above then please discuss this with your supplier. 

If you are unsure of any of the above please contact your supplier in the first instance.