20th February 2018

SimRush Installation Gallery

SimRush comprises of both an indoor and an outdoor unit. The SimRush Outdoor Unit uses a data SIM to provide the main 4G LTE signal from the nearest mast to the premises.

The exact location of the outdoor unit is determined by which part of the property can receive the very best service signal.

What does the SimRush Outdoor Unit look like when it’s installed?

The SimRush outdoor unit is a circular piece of equipment, roughly the size of a large donut. It’s dimensions are 140 x 140 x 56mm.

The location of a property is important when determining the best location to place the SimRush outdoor unit. This is because the outdoor unit has to be placed in the most suitable spot to receive the best signal from the closest data mast.

Occasionally, the SimRush outdoor unit has to be placed away from the property to receive a signal.