Improving home broadband speeds to fantastic heights with SimRush 5G

The Challenge

A home broadband user came to us looking to see if we could improve their current home broadband speed.

The existing Sky router set up was not providing the desired quality of service to enable the user to successfully work from home and use video conferencing software.

The proposed solution needed to offer faster speeds to prevent the lag the user was seeing. The system also needed to be able to seamlessly integrate with the pre-existing WiFi system at the property, to ensure no hardware would go to waste.

The Solution

As the property is located in a 5G area, SimRush Pro 5G was deployed to achieve the required goals.

This model is part of our new 5G hardware range. It consists of a 5G-ready Outdoor Unit (ODU) which is mounted externally and a professional level indoor Controller with a high performance quad core CPU. The ODU is connected to the Controller using Ethernet, meaning there is no 5G signal loss between the ODU and the Controller.

The directional ODU was installed high up on the building facing in the direction of the EE transmission. This provided the best possibility of good signal and a consistent service speed.

The 5G ODU is also backwards compatible with the 4G network with a very high grade (CAT20) modem inside. So, even if the 5G network fails, there is a high speed 4G backup already built in.

The Pro 5G was the perfect fit for the property as the Controller is rack mountable, so it was neatly fitted into the existing comms rack in the building. The existing WiFi system was also easily connected to the Pro 5G, making use of the Gigabit LAN ports available on the Controller.


The Result

Installing the SimRush Pro 5G has meant that the customer is now achieving amazing download speeds of up to 360Mbps! They are now able to work effectively from home & video call without interruptions making the working day much less stressful.

The new 5G SimRush system is all neatly integrated with the pre-existing WiFi and broadband set up ensuring all available hardware has been put to use.

The original Sky broadband router has been incorporated into the set up to act as failover if the primary broadband connection ever fails due to a network outage. This ensures the customer has the best possible chance of always being online.