8th August 2017

SimRush Eco Product License FAQ’s

Benefits of a Product License

♦ Access to SPanel

♦ Ongoing access to newest features via updates

♦ Up-to-date security protection

♦ Renew and scale your devices to fit in with your changing needs

♦ License portability gives you flexibility

♦ Technical support

♦ Easy to understand pricing and predictable budget spend

Who needs the Product License?

Anyone using SimRush Eco will need a valid product Product License

Why do I need a Product License and what does it specifically cover?

Gain access to updates, upgrades and new innovations through SPanel.

How many devices are included?

Our Base Product License includes 1 x Outdoor Unit, 1 x SimRush Controller Unit and up to 8 x Additional Units (access points or switches).

More units can be added as required for an additional Product License fee.

What is a ‘SimRush Issue Data Sim’?

A data sim that has been either:

  • a) contracted to a network carrier via our main distributor, or
  • b) contracted directly to our main distributor.

If you are unsure please contact your SimRush Approved Partner for clarification.

How long is a Product License valid for?

The Product License will be valid for the length of the sim tenure when supplied with a SimRush Issue Data Sim. If you do not have a SimRush Issue Data Sim then the Product License is charged annually.

Is there a cost involved?

Product Licenses are not chargeable when the end user has a SimRush Issue Data Sim from the SimRush Approved Partner at the point of sale or the SimRush main distributor.

Product licences are chargeable when customers use their own data sim.

Do I need a Product License key?

A Product License key is issued when the Product License is activated.

How do I activate my Product License?

Product Licenses are automatically activated when hardware is shipped. You can see any active Product Licenses and associated devices in SPanel.

Can I co-term additional Product Licenses to save on administration?

Yes. All additional Product Licenses are co-termed, price is calculated on a pro-rata basis

I am providing my own sim but I only use my hardware occassionally and/or on a temporary basis, can I temporarily suspend the product license when I need to?

No. However, if you have a SimRush Issue Data Sim your Product License will remain active at no charge.

Can I move the Product License between hardware, such as if I have a replacement ODU or AP?

Licenses are portable between replacement hardware devices, so you don’t have to buy a new Product License. Our team will do this for you prior to any replacement hardware being shipped.

How do I renew the Product License?

You will be sent a renewal reminder from your SimRush Approved partner. If you have a SimRush Issue Data Sim your Product License will automatically remain in place for as long as you continue to make payments under the carrier’s data contract.

What happens if I don’t renew the Product License?

If you don’t renew then your devices will lose access to SimRush Eco and you will not be able to access SPanel or get technical support.

I’m supplying my own sim – how can I be sure my partner has arranged a Product License?

Hardware cannot be shipped unless a product license is in place. End users can view their licenses in SPanel, contact your SimRush approved partner to obtain access.


How do I cancel the Product License?

You can do this in the Product License section of SPanel.