Hospitality guest wiFi

SimRush delivers superfast 4G and 5G broadband to hospitality businesses throughout the UK

Offering your customers WiFi in locations where they can’t get a mobile phone signal, might be the difference between them visiting your premises or your competitors.

If you are one of the following types of businesses, then your customers will no doubt appreciate being able to connect to superfast WiFi.

Guest WiFi is suitable for:
  • Lodgings such as hotels, campsites, B&Bs.
  • Food and beverage services such as restaurants.
  • Recreational venues such as cinemas, bowling alleys and clubs.
  • Sports venues such as gyms, health clubs and sports clubs.
  • Tourist attractions such as theme parks or experiences such as the London Dungeon.
  • Concert or event venues.

Why offer Guest WiFi?

Increase your star rating

According to Which, to be classed as a three star hotel you should have WiFi available in public areas. To be classed as a four star you should have WiFi available in every guest bedroom. Therefore offering WiFi to your guests is paramount in order to increase your star rating.

Gather guest feedback

By offering your guests connectivity, you are able to survey guests during their stay. This should typically increase the response rate, and if guests are dissatisfied you are able to resolve any issues before it’s too late.

Get more reviews

Increase the number of reviews you receive from customers whilst they are at your premises or before they leave or check out.

Reach new audiences

Reach new audiences on social media platforms as your guests upload their photos to social media and tag your venue. This will raise brand awareness for your business on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Case Study
Guest WiFi:

How a prestigious boutique hotel used their Guest WiFi to gather 1091 Google reviews and a 4.6* rating

The Gunton Arms, are a rural boutique hotel with a loyal clientele.

Previously, they were not offering superfast WiFi to their guests, which led to reviews like this:

“If you need… superfast WiFi you’ll be disappointed…”

DanNay, Tripadvisor

How SimRush gave them unbelievable speeds

FreeClix provided connectivity and guest WiFi for The Gunton Arms using SimRush, which meant their internet speeds increased dramatically, skyrocketing the number of reviews they receive:

They can now gather customer feedback at the best time, immediately after a visit!

The Gunton Arms can now achieve ten times the speed they were originally getting! This means they can effectively run their EPOS and cloud-based systems without interruption, improving both employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Not only do the reviews help entice potential visitors, but guests explicitly mention how great the WiFi is when they leave reviews, showing improved customer satisfaction:

“Wifi is excellent.”

Ali M, Tripadvisor

What The Gunton Arms think

The Gunton Arms have saved tens of thousands of pounds on a leased line installation and reduced their installation time from 9.5 weeks to just 1 day.

“SimRush has transformed the way we can operate as a business. Not only do we have amazing download speeds, but the superfast upload speeds have also made a big impact on our operations, for example, it’s enabled us to use cloud-based file-sharing software so we can upload documents to the internet in seconds. This means we now have off-site data back-up and can work away from the business premises as all our data is accessible from anywhere.

It’s also significantly enhanced the customer experience as we now have guest wi-fi running at a speed which enables customers to stream videos and keep up to date with social media and emails.”

Simone Baker, General Manager, Gunton Arms

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