Busy rural boutique hotel & public house increases internet speed from 2Mb to 40Mb in just one day.

The Challenge

Opened October 2011, The Gunton Arms is a traditional pub with 22 bedrooms in an extensive historic park near Cromer in North Norfolk. The restaurant cooks from local ingredients including venison from the surrounding deer park.

With an ever growing clientele The Gunton Arms were struggling with slow internet speeds on their ADSL connection that could not cope with the customer demand. Fibre upgrade was not available as their location is too far from the local exchange and the excess construction charges for installing a leased line was £80,000. They required a solution that allowed their customers faster speeds but also a connection that could cope with ever increasing demand.

The Solution

After careful consideration of other fixed line internet options, it was concluded that these connectivity options were not a viable solution for The Gunton Arms and could not be implemented quick enough to cope with the customer demand.

As the official technology partner to SimRush, FreeClix were able to offer their knowledge and expertise to install the SimRush hardware along-sidethe already existing ADSL connection.

The SimRush technology enables efficient network usage from both SimRush devices and the ADSL connection, as well as ensuring that internet traffic is balanced equally across the two connections.

The Result

The Gunton Arms are now equipped to offer their customers faster internet speeds over their public WiFi. Speeds before the SimRush were a mere 2Mb and now The Gunton Arms are receiving 40Mb. Staff are now able to conduct daily business, such as the running of EPoS and cloud based systems, for example Office 365, much more easily than before the SimRush installation.

The SimRush connection has also allowed The Gunton Arms to use the file storage soft-ware Dropbox for Business securing access to important files quickly on and off site.

The Gunton Arms have saved tens of thousands of pounds on a leased line installation and reduced their installation time from 9.5 weeks to just 1 day.

SimRush has transformed the way we can operate as a business. Not only do we have amazing download speeds, the superfast upload speeds have made a big impact on our operations, for example it’s enabled us to use cloud-based file sharing software so we can upload documents to the internet in seconds. This means we now have off site data back-up and can work away from the business premises as all our data is accessible from anywhere. It’s also significantly enhanced the customer experience as we now have guest wi-fi running at a speed which enables customers to stream videos and keep up to date with social media and emails