Partner Success with GML Technology

The Challenge


GML are able to offer their customers connectivity options which include fibre broadband and leased lines, however, a fast and reliable connection was proving problematic to customers with offices located in areas that were either not fibre enabled, where fibre cabinets were full or where leased line installations would incur expensive excess construction charges.

GML Technology wanted a broadband product that could enable customers located in broadband not-spots to have reliable and cost effective superfast connectivity that out-performed the usual alternatives such as wireless and satellite. 

It needed to be able to complement or replace current connectivity methods to provide their customers to have remote access to their networks as well as the ability to use cloud based software.

The Solution

To provide their broadband not-spot customers with superfast connectivity, GML Technology partnered with SimRush, enabling their customers in East Anglia and the South East to access superfast speeds.

SimRush has various advantages over other methods of connectivity which GML Technology has been able to leverage for their customers’ benefit.

SimRush enables GML Technology to provide a more cost-effective and reliable solution than satellite or wireless. Installation and overall running costs are cheaper than satellite and SimRush also performs faster with significantly less latency. Whereas wireless alternatives can require complex local infrastructure installations, a desktop survey to ascertain the performance of SimRush taken less than a minute and the SimRush hardware can be installed in a matter of hours.

GML Technology is able to meet individual business requirements as SimRush can be configured to meet their customers’ bespoke requirements and can be deployed into any premises as part of a wider connectivity solution.

The provision of static IP addressing by SimRush provides an essential access method for GML Technology to support its customers.

The Result

Partnering with SimRush has enabled GML Technology to help customers in remote locations with poor existing connections increase their broadband speed and improve overall connectivity. 

It has also meant that GML can address more complex requirements for greater customer satisfaction and offer their customers services which they previously may not have been able to access, for example, cloud based services, remote working and remote access to internal networks, for example for CCTV.

Our partnership with SimRush has allowed us to cement our relationships with existing customers and forge new and exciting opportunities with businesses looking for high speed connectivity in previously out of reach areas.