5G Broadband

Upgrade your connectivity to another level with SimRush 5G broadband.

Why settle for poor broadband when you can have this?

1 Gbps Download

Ultra-fast download speeds of up to 1 Gbps* 

650 Mbps Upload

Upload speeds up to a whopping 650 Mbps*

Low Latency

Super low latency. Say goodbye to lag!

Unlimited Data

Unlimited data allowance for all your broadband needs!

Public 5G IPv4 IP address

Public IPv4 IP address for external resource access.

Automatic 4G LTE backup

Backwards compatible with the 4G network out of the box.

*Theoretical maximum: depends on 5G provider mast capacity and operational environment

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5G range

SimRush Pro/Pro WiFi 5G

Two-part system comprised of external antenna (left) and SimRush Controller (right). Ideal for primary or failover for businesses broadband.

SimRush Chateau 5G

One-box device that works out of the box. Great for simple home or small business connectivity.


Why do I need 5G broadband?


Broadband speed suddenly dropped since the start of lockdown? 

Due to the rise in people working from home, the 4G network has become increasingly congested leading to poor quality service in some built-up areas. Trying to use the internet when it’s congested is like trying to travel at rush-hour; you won’t be going anywhere fast.

The solution is simple. Switch to 5G and beat the traffic. 


Need an alternative to a leased line?

We understand how important a reliable connection is for your business. Whilst a leased line offers you a completely dedicated, uncontended internet service, the costs associated with it can be extortionate. 

SimRush 5G broadband is the perfect viable alternative, with 4G backup built in. Not only is it the cheaper option, but it offers you amazing speeds and reliability that can cope with business demands.

SimRush 5G broadband does not require any existing traditional fixed wired infrastructure to be in place so the expected lead times are much shorter compared to leased lines. 

Use SimRush 5G as your primary internet connection or if you already have a leased line use it as failover to keep your business online in the event of an outage.

Is connectivity crucial for your business? Look no further than SimRush 5G.


In a town or city but still have poor fixed line broadband?

Is your current broadband connection just not up to scratch?

There’s nothing worse than the frustration of trying to stream your favourite film and every five minutes being met with the dreaded buffering symbol. 

It’s even more frustrating when your business is losing customers because the internet you are offering is not cut out for what you need. If transactions take too long or customers cannot access decent WiFi whilst they are staying, dining or shopping with you, you run the risk of losing out. 

Whether you need it for your home or business, SimRush 5G broadband will relieve your connectivity frustrations. It’s fast, reliable, durable and capable of handling a large number of devices and users at once.

A truly seamless internet experience.


Want the latest technology available? 

Get ahead of the game with SimRush 5G broadband. It uses the latest technology to get you connected, whilst also remaining fully backwards compatible with the 4G network. 

This means not only will you have the benefits of cutting-edge 5G broadband available, you’ll also have security from the 4G network as a back up if anything happens to your 5G signal.

Be 5G ready. The SimRush 5G CAT 20 modem is the fastest available service on 4G to date.

Upgrading from 4G to SimRush 5G is a no brainer



Need remote access to your network and devices?

With SimRush 5G broadband, you can get a cost-effective 5G Static IP address with unlimited data allowance. 

You’ll be able to easily remotely access equipment on your network from anywhere! Whether you need to view your CCTV equipment, email servers, data drives or a virtual private network (VPN service), we’ve got you covered.

Find out more about our add-on Static IP service here.

Can't wait to get SimRush 5G broadband installed?

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Check Your Coverage

Just click here to check the coverage in your area. You only need outdoor 4G coverage (at least) for SimRush to work. 

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  Have questions? We've got answers:

5G is the fifth and most recent generation of mobile technology, following on from 3G and 4G that came before it. It offers much higher speeds than the previous technologies are capable of.

And it’s not just in terms of speed that 5G promises improvements. It also offers lower latency (the time a network takes to respond to a request) meaning lag will be significantly reduced.

Want to download a HD movie in seconds? Or stream 8K video to your phone? 5G can make it happen.

When we talk about 5G, the vast majority of us will think of a 5G mobile phone. But the same technology can also be used for a mobile broadband connection at your home or business. All you need is a 5G-ready router and SIM card.

5G broadband is essentially a combination of mobile broadband and the latest 5G mobile phone technology. It offers the possibility for some of the fastest internet connectivity around!

5G mobile broadband works differently to traditional fixed broadband methods. It uses a 5G-enabled SIM card to allow the router to connect to local mobile masts and send data over the same network used by a mobile phone.

You will be provided with a router that can supply wired or wireless broadband to your devices, such as your laptop, smart phone or smart home gadgets. These devices do not have to be 5G-enabled for the connection to work.

The router will need to be connected to a power socket but, unlike cable internet, you won’t need to connect it to a phone line.

Just moved in to a new property with no existing phone line? 5G offers you a convenient way to get online quickly without the hassle of installing cables to your premises.

User Experience

The main differences between 4G and 5G in terms of performance are that 5G offers increased speeds and reduced latency. This means you’ll be able to download files and movies quicker, have a higher quality streaming experience and see much less lag occurring when you browse the internet.

Using 5G for your home or business broadband instead of 4G, will also enable you to connect more of your devices to the internet at the same time without bandwidth issues.

How they work

In terms of how they work, 5G and 4G function in much the same way. Mobile masts transmit radio signal to your router or smartphone, providing the 5G or 4G connection that then allows you to transmit data to other devices and the internet.

The main difference here is that 5G uses a higher frequency band compared to 4G. The only challenge this poses is that 5G signal has a shorter range and does not travel quite as far as 4G does on lower frequency bands.

5G mobile broadband has the potential to be just as fast if not faster than fibre fixed-line broadband.
Of course, it is dependent on the strength of the 5G signal where you are. If you are based in a major UK town or city with great 5G coverage, you should expect to see excellent broadband speeds that will vastly exceed those possible on copper fixed-line methods.

It can also match speeds of full fibre broadband.

You’ll need:

  • 4G or 5G coverage at your location. (To get the full benefits of 5G you will need 5G coverage)
  • 5G SimRush router supplied by us
  • 5G enabled SIM card (Unlimited data plans are the ideal choice)

Without 5G coverage, you won’t be able to access the full data speeds and latency benefits that the 5G router offers. But you will still be able to access superfast 4G speeds due to the CAT20 LTE modem.

What’s also great about a 5G broadband service is that you don’t need an existing phone line.

It’s totally portable. If you move house or business premises, all you need to do is bring the router along with you and set it up again at the new property.

Yes! You can get 5G home broadband or business broadband whether you have 5G coverage or not. 

If you have 5G coverage in your area then you can expect to see fantastic speeds on the 5G network. However, even if you don’t have 5G in your area, SimRush hardware is backwards compatible with the 4G network.

5G mobile internet will make so many things a breeze…

  • Downloading and uploading work files
  • Streaming your favourite films
  • High quality video calls

Plus, it can totally revolutionise the way your business works. 5G will enable better:

  • Remote and real time control for businesses in the manufacturing industry
  • IoT technology for precision farming in the agricultural industry
  • Network efficiency for sites with a high volume of broadband users such as campsites, hotels and large offices.

And that’s just a few examples of the ways in which 5G can change the way your business works! There are many more waiting to be discovered.

Why not find out what 5G broadband can do for your business?

  • Ultrafast connectivity – Incredible speeds that are much faster than those available compared on the 4G network. 
  • Low latency – say goodbye to lag when browsing the internet, checking your email, video streaming or even gaming!* 
  • Portable connectivity – As it does not need a phone line to operate, you are not fixed to your address with 5G broadband. When you move, it can be moved along with you! 
  • Overcomes common problems of working from home – You’ll have better quality video calls and save valuable time uploading or downloading files due to fantastic upload and download speeds available. 
  • More devices connected at once – Gone are the days when you had to plan who could use the internet and when. Simply connect multiple devices when you need to. 
  • Get a fixed IP address – Cost effective fixed IP solution with unlimited 5G data. Remotely access your CCTV footage or server with ease. 

*subject to carrier terms and conditions

Simply ask yourself the questions below to find out!

Are you…

  • Looking for a leased line for your business but can’t afford the costs?
  • In a major city but have poor fixed line broadband?
  • Wanting the latest technology available for your home broadband or business?
  • In a highly congested 4G area and want to upgrade your connection?

Quick tip: This might be you if your 4G broadband performance has suddenly dropped since the start of lockdown or if your speed appears to drop at peak times throughout the day.

  • In need of a 5G fixed IP address?
  • Looking for better broadband services to work from home more effectively?
  • Struggling to get an internet connection that can cope with your streaming habits?
  • Losing customers because your broadband isn’t cut out for the job?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then SimRush 5G is the perfect match for you!

It’s really easy to find out if you have 5G coverage or not.

Simply follow the link below to find the coverage checkers, type in your postcode, ensure the checker is set to ‘5G’ and you’ll see the results in seconds! 

You can also test it using your phone and a 5G-capable SIM. Pop the SIM in your phone and see if you can get 5G mobile data.

Currently, 5G is only available in select cities and towns across the UK. 

However, mobile networks, such as O2, EE and Vodafone are continuing to roll out 5G to more areas all the time. 

It is unknown exactly how long it will take until 5G becomes widespread in the UK, but it is safe to assume that 5G will become available in rural areas at some point. 

The coverage checkers will update to show where 5G is available as and when.

Average speeds on 5G are currently around 100-200 Mbps download.