Application to EE – Existing EE Small Business Account

Even if you already have an EE small business account, for each new connection we make on your account we must complete a new e-sign contract and credit check for that new line.

What you need to do:

  • Complete the ‘Customer Information Form’ using the current account holder’s information.
  • Return to us with one business proof (see below for list of accepted proofs)
  • Complete the e-sign EE contract sent to you

What happens next?

We submit all the documents you’ve provided to EE for Credit check – EE have a 24-hour SLA for completing credit checks. Please do not chase us in the first 24 hours.

When we hear back from EE we notify you immediately of the credit check outcome. The three possible outcomes are:

Credit Check PASSED – This means you have been approved for the addition credit on your account that was requested.

Credit Check FAILED – This means you have not been approved for any additional credit on your existing account.

Credit LIMIT IMPOSED – This means you have been approved for credit but it is less than originally requested and a different tariff will need to be selected.

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