4G business broadband: EE’s new solution not right for businesses

Whilst EE’s new 4G broadband package is great for consumers who need faster broadband, it is not the solution for those needing 4G business broadband.

EE’s new home broadband package, which combines the 4G EE Home Router with a powerful external antenna and professional installation service was launched on 9th February. It has caused a great deal of excitement amongst people in rural locations struggling with poor broadband speeds and it offers a large maximum monthly data allowance of 200GB for just £60 per month.

Peter Freeman of Internet Service Provider ‘FreeClix’ said,

“The use of antennas to increase the signal to an indoor router is nothing new, the industry has been using this solution in rural locations for people with 3G technology for over a decade.

It’s brilliant news that EE have packaged this widely available consumer-grade technology with a large data allowance at such an economical price point for customers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the thousands of rural businesses who need good quality 4G business broadband to provide reliable connections. Businesses also need an affordable data package that they can use with secure business class hardware to enable them to meet their broadband connectivity needs.”

Whilst being a good news story for many rural homes, the EE home solution is not available to businesses.

The 200GB monthly data allowance is only available on a consumer tariff to individuals. Currently, the largest monthly data allowance available for 4G business broadband from EE is 120GB at a cost of £90 per month. That’s a whopping £30 more a month for 80GB less data!

Pete continued “At SimRush we only use EE mobile broadband sims in our 4G hardware. EE has the fastest and most reliable mobile network coverage across the UK, but it’s completely ridiculous that I can’t supply my small business customers with the same amount of data as a consumer can have – from the same provider! EE needs to stop discriminating against the rural business community; EE needs to wake up and step up, rural businesses need EE to provide them with as good a deal as consumers can get to enable them to connect, grow and contribute to the rural economy”

Pete also cautioned owners against using the EE home solution hardware to provide their businesses with an internet connection.

“Broadband speed is of course at the forefront of any business owners mind but the 4G broadband connection is only part of what a business needs to provide fast and reliable internet access to its users. A fixed IP address is usually a must and a failover or back up connection should also be considered to avoid a broadband outage, especially for businesses where broadband performance is mission critical.”

Security of your and your customers data is of the utmost importance when considering the best broadband service for your business. This is particularly true with the new accountability requirement in the GDPR requiring businesses to implement appropriate technical measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate that data processing is performed in accordance with the GDPR.

“Managed WiFi solutions are becoming increasingly necessary to protect business and private data whilst offering guests access to the internet whilst on your premises. Consumer grade equipment is not the path to take for business networks as it does not offer the management facilities required; they don’t have the right tools in the box.”

SimRush not only offers fantastic mobile broadband download speed and built in WiFi, it’s also a fully cloud managed solution enabling you to stay in control even if you’re in a remote location.

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