8th January 2021

Letter to Leaders of England’s Councils

Dear Leader of the Council,

I hope this finds you well.  I am sure that you are deeply concerned about the effects of school closures on children’s education and the health and wellbeing of families. We want to help ensure as many rural children as possible with poor broadband within your Council area can get online quickly, we have the solution but we need your Council to join with us to make it happen.

We can quickly connect rural-based kids to superfast internet using 4G, where other providers with standard 4G routers have failed. This is because we are the market leader in the specialist supply of 4G superfast broadband specifically where there is little or no mobile phone signal. 

We are offering to partner with all councils across the UK and will provide our SimRush hardware at an exceptionally reduced price to support our children’s futures, but we need your Council to provide the resources to install it. The Council can use internal resources or can call on volunteer groups to assist. 

We’ve helped 1000’s of businesses and users such as teachers stay online during previous lockdowns and we want to offer our technology to help keep kids learning.

The typical deployment of our service usually costs over £1000 + vat in one-off costs. We are offering our hardware and managed service to your council a significantly reduced cost. It is slightly more expensive than any dongles or 4G routers you may have come across, but quite simply those methods don’t work in rural areas, whereas our SimRush service does.

We know that access to laptops and hardware is not the only story, mobile data can be expensive when kids are using parents’ mobile phones and incurring out of bundle charges or using pay as you go SIMs. We are able to supply unlimited data directly to families on O2 starting at just £20 + vat per month, for a minimum three-month term with no credit checks.  

As you will know, funding for alternative broadband solutions was available from BDUK in England until December 2019, I think the Government should reinstate that funding in light of school closures due to pandemic. It’s not fair that we can provide our service fully funded to parents who live in devolved areas but not to those in England cannot.  If you are interested in our joint venture offer, but are concerned about a lack of Government funding, please consider joining with us in lobbying your MP to help reinstate BDUK’s Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme funding for alternative broadband in England.  

We hope school closures will only last until Mid-February as our Prime Minister tells us, however if they go on longer the damage to children and families is unthinkable. Please join with us and let’s keep children in education, even if they cannot be in school. 

You can find more information about the SimRush service here https://bit.ly/3noQZ21

Yours sincerely,

Justine Thomas

SimRush Co-Founder