How much data are you using?

When it comes to data usage it can sometimes be unclear just how much data you’re using. 

When your phone or computer uses the internet it sends and receives email, digital video, music and photographs as data.

The table below gives an indication of how much data is used to complete different tasks.

ExamplesData usage
Downloading a high definition movie (2 hours)4.2Gb
Downloading a standard definition movie (2 hours)1.9Gb
Online catch-up TV service (1 hour)644Mb
Video streaming: e.g. YouTube (1 hour)429Mb
Online gaming (1 hour)43Mb
Downloading Music (1 album, 10 tracks)80Mb
Web browsing (1 hour)10-25Mb
Document Download (1 document)2Mb
Browsing Facebook (1 hour)20Mb
WiFi Calling (90 mins)1Gb
Card Payments (1 transaction)10-75Kb
Data Usage Indications

Whilst this information can give you a good foundation of how much data each task uses, it is worth noting these figures are not exact and may vary.

Most service providers will be able to supply you with a breakdown of how much data you’re currently using on you’re existing connection.

If you don’t have an existing connection, the information in the table above should give you a good starting point. Contact your SimRush reseller for information to help you determine which package will best suit your needs.