Construction Site WiFi

Need WiFi For Your Construction Site?

SimRush is the ideal solution to get your site connected.
It offers robust hardware, superfast speeds and quick installation.

Perfect for temporary or long-term construction site requirements, SimRush can be adapted to suit exactly what you need.

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Why do construction companie use simRush CCTV?

Monitor CCTV

Ensure a high level of security is maintained by remotely monitoring site CCTV

Access Drawings

Wirelessly access & upload technical drawings whilst on site

Work Efficiently
Perform all jobs effectively and consistently
Stay Connected

Make and receive VOIP calls on site

Send/receive emails

Send and receive emails on site

The construction industry is continuing to rely more and more on a stable and fast internet connection to maintain consistent productivity. SimRush can be rapidly deployed to deliver this connection to sites across the UK.

How to get SimRush WiFi on a Construction Site

The only requirements to get a SimRush connection is that the site location has 4G or 5G coverage. No existing traditional fixed wired infrastructure is needed for SimRush to work.

You can find out what mobile coverage a site has by entering the postcode into the mobile network coverage checkers found here (link to Coverage checker page).

If you’ve got coverage, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a SimRush reseller who will help you find the perfect solution for your site.

Why is SimRush Great for Construction Site Broadband?
  • As there is no fixed wired infrastructure needed, it’s ideal for temporary WiFi.
  • Fantastic download speeds for fast internet access.
  • Provides a reliable internet connection for construction workers to use.
  • Variety of hardware models to choose from to suit specific site requirements.
  • SimRush static IP addressing available for remote access to security systems/devices.
  • Plug and play hardware available for quick and easy installation.
  • Option to select a SIM card that suits individual site needs. Can get unlimited data and short term contract lengths if required.
Case Study
Construction Site WiFi:

How a UK based Groundworks and Civil Engineering Company Rapidly Deployed SimRush to Support their Construction Project

The Groundworks company needed connectivity to their construction site office to support the small group of workers based there. The previous connectivity on site was taken away following the completion of one element of the project by a separate company. This left them without any form of internet connectivity to the site office.

Without internet, the project was significantly more difficult to work on leading to a big stall in progress and productivity. They could no longer access important emails or view the necessary site drawings connected to the project.

The company needed a solution that could be rapidly implemented to get them connected again.

The Solution

An approved SimRush reseller recommended the SimRush Omni One.

This solution is perfect for construction sites that need reliable connectivity as quickly as possible.

The 4G device is plug and play meaning it does not require a professional installation visit or fee, it simply works out of the box. It comes with an additional WiFi Access Point to enable the WiFi to be extended to important areas of the site. In this case, the construction site office needed WiFi in all areas of the building.

The SimRush Omni enabled the company to quickly get a fast, consistent internet connection back to the site to get the project moving once again.

The Result

The Groundworks company can now view the technical drawings that they need to for their project and send and receive emails again whilst on site. They decided to go for a long term 24 month SIM contract meaning they can bring the SimRush Omni with them to the next site they work on as long there is 4G coverage there.

SimRush provided the quick fix they needed whilst also proving worthy to be a long-term connectivity solution.