Claxton Manor Estate Case Study

The Challenge

Claxton Manor Estate, which was the home to Claxton Castle, today combines traditional farming practices alongside innovative conservation programme, protecting wildlife found throughout the estate.

SimRush partner GML Technology were looking for a connectivity solution for their client Claxton Manor Estate, that would significantly improve their internet connectivity and in turn would allow them to remotely access their CCTV network. 

With their existing ADSL connection not meeting their business requirements in terms of speed and capacity, fibre unavailable in the area and a leased line inappropriate/excessive, Claxton Manor required a quality solution that would improve their overall internet experience and allow them to take control of the their CCTV network remotely.

The Solution

With a SimRush Product GML Technology was able address Claxton Manor Estates’ need for a reliable replacement for the existing slow broadband connection at their estate office.

GML conducted an onsite visit to establish that the expected speeds from the SimRush would be a significant improvement on current connectivity. Once proven, installation of the SimRush solution took place within days.

Liaising with SimRush engineers GML Technology stipulated their required firewall rules as part of the bespoke installation, so that the CCTV equipment was accessible via the internet, whilst still maintaining a secure private network onsite.

The Result

Claxton Manor Estates now have access to internet speeds of 30Mb, where previously they were only getting speeds of 1-2Mb. Not only has this allowed them to keep the business better connected they can now enjoy a better browsing experience and have the ability to stream HD videos and use applications such as Skype.

In addition to this they also have a reliable system that allows them to remotely access to their video surveillance network, something which was not possible with their old ADSL connection.

The SimRush connection has also meant that GML Technology were able to implement an internal WiFi system throughout the whole premises.