SimRush for CCTV

Get robust, high-speed connectivity for your CCTV installation.

High speed connectivity for CCTV

SimRush provides you with quick and convenient remote access to your CCTV hardware, without the need for a fixed IP SIM card.

SimRush uses its own 4G or 5G connection to provide a public IP address directly from our data centre based in the UK.

So, you can choose any SIM card you like to put in the SimRush router.

Say goodbye to expensive monthly fees & restrictive data fixed IP SIM packages now.

Don't miss out

Get high-speed connectivity for your CCTV today.

How does it work?

SimRush connects to the 5G* and 4G mobile networks to provide internet connectivity (*only available on 5G-ready hardware models). As long as you have coverage in the installation location from a mobile provider, you can use SimRush for your CCTV. The maximum speeds the system is capable of will depend on a variety of factors including the signal strength at the location and proximity to the cell masts.

The static IP address is presented directly to the SimRush Controller, your indoor primary broadband router & firewall. As the IP address is presented here, it is independent of the external links to the internet that the SimRush Controller will have used to reach the public internet.

To get set up, SimRush requires a simple installation that can be carried out by yourself or if you’d prefer, professional installation can be arranged.

Once installed, you can connect your cameras wirelessly through the SimRush WiFi or through a wired connection by plugging the cameras directly into the ethernet ports on your Controller. You can then remotely access the CCTV through your carrier-independent static IP address.

Why is SimRush the best 5G/4G router for CCTV?

There are so many benefits of using SimRush to provide internet for your CCTV.

Fast deployment

Remote hardware management through our cloud-based portal, SPanel.

Extendable WiFi

Superfast speeds of 300Mbps and beyond! (Top speeds depend on chosen hardware model)

Static IP

Easy remote access to devices through the static public IP address.

Carrier independent IP

Carrier independent IP address. It re-establishes itself over any connection remaining a constant static address that can be reached from anywhere in the world.


Unlike the expensive monthly fees of fixed IP SIM cards, the SimRush static IP is an affordable annual fee.

Easy installation

Quick and easy installation. Wall, ceiling and pole mounts available.


Completely waterproof device for indoor and outdoor mounting. Designed to deliver a strong and reliable connection in any weather conditions

Case Study
SimRush for CCTV:

How a Security company used SimRush to provide monitoring for 40 CCTV cameras on one site

A Security company needed a system that could effectively support the monitoring of 40 CCTV cameras on their client’s site. The client’s BT line which was previously providing the connectivity for the monitoring had stopped working due to a fault. The fault had an unknown resolution date leaving the client without a fully functioning CCTV system and no date for this to be restored in sight.

They needed a system that could be quickly deployed to get the monitoring back up and running as soon as possible. The solution needed to cope with the amount of traffic whilst still providing good broadband speeds for the monitoring to run smoothly.

The Solution

The Security company partnered with SimRush and provided a SimRush Pro system for their client. They deployed business grade hardware that could easily handle the traffic from the CCTV equipment.

To ensure there was enough bandwidth to support the monitoring of all 40 cameras, a second external SimRush Outdoor Unit was included in the set up. This ensured there were two paths out to the internet for the traffic to use.
The static public IP addressing service enabled easy remote access to the CCTV cameras to support the monitoring that the client wanted.

They were also able to offer their customer a short term, 30-day Unlimited data SIM contract, instead of an expensive, small allowance fixed IP SIM. This meant that the client wasn’t tied into a long contract and could easily switch back to their BT line once the fault was fixed. The SimRush could then be kept on as a reliable failover business solution.

The Result

Monitoring restored & a happy client.

Partnering with SimRush enabled the Security company to provide an ideal short-term fixed IP connectivity solution that was rapidly deployed to keep the client’s CCTV professional monitoring system running.