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Why become a SimRush broadband reseller?

Fantastic revenue opportunities

A business model that offers you the possibility to make money on wireless hardware sales and also earn commission payments on a wide range of data tariffs.

Re-engage and retain existing customers

Impress your client base with this robust and revolutionary broadband product for business & consumer premises and help solve their broadband connectivity issues.

Expand your customer base

Have no constraints reselling into any industry type or sector. Any business which needs a faster internet connection is your potential buyer allowing you to enter new vertical markets.

Access to the latest technology

Have the opportunity to sell 5G broadband to your customers.

Offer a range of packages

Generate extra revenue by cross selling cloud based services such as Back Up, Office 365, Public or Guest WiFi & VoIP.

Recurring revenue opportunities

Each time you re-sign your customers’ data package you’ll earn more commission.

It’s super easy to do!

To join the reseller programme, all you need to do is fill out a short application form. There is no credit check to pass or joining fee to pay. It couldn’t be easier.

How to Partner with us

We understand that one size does not fit all!

That’s why we provide a variety of ways for resellers to work with us. You can choose the reseller type that works best for your business model.

Simply fill in this form and you can start selling SimRush straight away!

Complete our application form and then get wholesale broadband pricing on products to resell to your customers with your own margin added on.

You will have a dedicated partner account manager, full technical support from our helpdesk, advice from our friendly sales team, automated systems & reporting and an online portal with a knowledge base for you to manage your account. This is the usual option for companies operating in the telecoms and IT markets.

Engage an Accredited Installer from our installer list to perform your installs or complete the wireless broadband installation training to gain your own accreditation.

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What is SimRush?

SimRush is a 4G / 5G business grade connectivity solution which enables delivery of superfast broadband with fully managed WiFi to businesses and homes. We’re working with partners and resellers across the UK to enable their customers to get faster broadband speeds.

SimRush is completely unlike consumer-type 4G products and performs exceptionally well in many remote areas across the UK. Even where there is ZERO MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL.

As it does not rely on a phone line, it is also well suited for situations where the connectivity requirement is temporary or mobile and can be rapidly deployed in 48 hours or less for business critical scenarios.

SimRush Features:
  • Top theoretical download speed of up to 150Mbps on 4G and 1Gbps on 5G
  • Two-part system consisting of an external high gain antenna (ODU) and an indoor Controller (router)
  • Ethernet cabling to avoid any signal loss between the outdoor and indoor units
  • Expandable WiFi coverage using same brand WiFi access points
  • Hardware is fully cloud managed allowing for remote access & diagnosis
  • Optional Static IP addressing service
Case Study
SimRush Resellers:

How Partners Use SimRush to Win New Business

As a provider of communication solutions with the mission to improve people’s lives and provide sustainable communication services, GML Technology strives to be a customer-centric company.

The company has worked with SimRush in order to offer communication solutions for customers in remote locations with poor existing connections.

GML Technology offers their customers services which they previously could not, including messaging and mailboxes, VOIP and video calling, and streaming video services.

By partnering with SimRush, GML Technology can address more complex requirements for greater customer satisfaction.

What GML Couldn’t Provide Their Customers

GML were able to offer their customers fibre broadband and leased lines, however, a fast and reliable connection was proving problematic to customers with offices located in areas that were either not fibre enabled, where fibre cabinets were full or where leased line installations incur expensive charges.

When GML Technology heard about SimRush, they were astonished that it would enable their customers located in broadband not-spots to have reliable and cost effective superfast connectivity.

SimRush needed to be able to complement or replace current connectivity methods to provide their customers with remote access to their networks as well as the ability to use cloud based software.

How SimRush Saved the Day

SimRush enables GML Technology to provide a more cost-effective and reliable solution than satellite or wireless. Installation and overall running costs are cheaper than satellite.

Whereas wireless alternatives can require complex local infrastructure installations, a desktop survey to ascertain the performance of SimRush taken less than a minute and the SimRush hardware can be installed in a matter of hours.

GML Technology is able to meet individual business requirements as SimRush can be configured to meet their customers’ bespoke requirements and can be deployed into any premises as part of a wider connectivity solution.

The provision of static IP addressing by SimRush provides an essential access method for GML Technology to support its customers.

The Result

Partnering with SimRush enabled GML Technology to help customers in remote locations with poor existing connections increase their broadband speed and improve overall connectivity.

It has also meant that GML can address more complex requirements for greater customer satisfaction and offer their customers services which they previously may not have been able to access, for example, cloud based services, remote working and remote access to internal networks, for example for CCTV.

“Our partnership with SimRush has allowed us to cement our relationships with existing customers and forge new and exciting opportunities with businesses looking for high speed connectivity in previously out of reach areas.”

As a technical reseller with the SimRush partner program GML Technology have direct access to full technical pre-sales information and post-sale support for their customers.

“The after sales support we have received from SimRush is second to none, the staff are quick and efficient with outstanding technical knowledge and always polite.”

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