19th December 2017

Topping up your EE Data

Once your data sim has been activated, you can register for a MYEE account. You can do this from a smart phone or tablet by downloading the MYEE app or you can visit https://id.ee.co.uk/register. Please note if you’re using the app on a smart phone or tablet you will need to be connected to the SimRush network to create an account.

You’ll need the mobile number associated with the SIM in your SimRush. This can be found on the back of the sim packaing. If you don’t have this information please contact your SimRush approved partner who can provide you this information.

If you run out of data you should automatically be redirected to the EE add-on page, where you will be able to purchase data add-ons. If this page does not automatically appear when your data has run out please browse to http://add-on.ee.co.uk whilst connected to the SimRush network. You can also login to your MYEE account by browsing to https://id.ee.co.uk/login or by calling EE customer services on 0845 4122222.

If you require any additional support with your SimRush after topping up your data please contact your SimRush Approved Partner who can provide you with technical support.