11th August 2017

What’s the difference between SimRush & consumer-type 4G broadband solutions?

Usually what is being provided in the 4G broadband market  is a consumer grade internal 4G router with an attaching antenna. 

SimRush is different and provides a unique enterprise-grade 4G solution. 

The key difference SimRush and any other 4G offers we have seen is that the primary 4G router is mounted externally and contains a focussed directional antenna.  The external router is then connected to the SimRush internal router via pure Ethernet meaning there is no degradation in signal.  

This is why SimRush can get superfast broadband in remote locations that have zero phone signal.

Other consumer type systems that use external antennae only connect to an indoor router, meaning the signal degrades along the cable run resulting in poor or no signal internally for those people in areas with weak or no 4G signal. SimRush equipment connects to the 4G service at the external source then directly connects via Ethernet so there is no signal loss as it travels into the property.  This Ethernet cable can also be mounted up to 95m away from the internal router far exceeding the limitations of consumer-type external antennae links which only extend between 5-10m at best.

SimRush has created an  “eco-system” which makes it the “go to” product for commercial environments. Other consumer-type 4G broadband solutions on the market are acceptable for SOHO or consumer use in areas with a strong 4G signal, but they absolutely do not provide the enterprise-grade wealth of features that an SME or large business will require in order to function effectively beyond superfast connectivity, such as secure managed Wi-Fi and guest network services.  Here’s a great case study that demonstrates this: https://www.simrush.com/gunton-arms-case-study/ a typical consumer 4G product would have been useless to the customer and without SimRush they would still be operating in the dark ages.


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