19th August 2016


SimRush FAQ’s


What is SimRush? 

SimRush is wireless hardware configured with SimRush software that provides connectivity solutions for businesses and homes that are unable to get fast internet via fixed line, wireless or satellite methods. It is the ultimate solution for places where internet connectivity is essential, but not possible.  

SimRush it is also well-suited to situations where the connectivity is temporary or mobile as it does not rely on a traditional fixed phone line. For example a workplace, retail space, event or mobile home. 

SimRush is also used as a reliable failover for businesses or homes that need to be connected 24/7. It can be form part of your disaster recovery or business continuity plans to ensure that if your primary method of connectivity fails, SimRush will keep you online and you can keep working. 

How can I buy SimRush?

SimRush products can be purchased from our Approved Resellers. Approved Resellers can provide you with the advice you need to ensure you select the correct solution for your business or home. They can also design bespoke solutions to integrate SimRush connectivity into even the trickiest of environments to give you the speeds and uptime you need. 

Please contact us for details of your nearest Approved Reseller. 

How does SimRush work? 

SimRush uses the latest routing hardware technology, cloud based SimRush software  and 4G LTE data to provide superfast speeds over the mobile carrier network of your choice.  

A SimRush Base Pack comprises two wireless devices; the “SimRush Outdoor Unit” and an internal router, the “SimRush Controller”. 

How do you install SimRush? 

SimRush has an Outdoor Unit that is mounted externally to premises, usually on the roof. For example, attached to your TV aerial pole or a chimney stack. The higher from the ground the SimRush Outdoor device is the faster your speed will be! There is an ethernet cable run to a second internal device.  

We recommend using a SimRush Accredited Installer for your installation to ensure you receive the very best quality connection from your equipment. Your hardware will be fitted on a date to suit you and to exacting standards. 

SimRush can be self-installed if you have the necessary working at height and cabling skills. You can also engage a local AV or satellite installer to do the job using our instructions. 

How quickly can SimRush be installed?

SimRush takes around 2 hours to install on average. It may take longer depending on the premises. your Accredited Installer or Approved Reseller will be able to advise you.  

Can I purchase the hardware on its own? 

Yes! You can purchase SimRush as a licenced product without purchasing a data SIM. If you’ve got your own data SIM card already, we’ll just add a SimRush Licence to your order.  

Click here for more information on the SimRush Eco Product Licence.

What Can You Do with SimRush? 

Everything! Email, browsing, data backup, cloud services, VoIP and WiFi calling, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, EPOS, credit card machines, inventory management, CCTV. Whatever need a broadband connection for, SimRush can do it! 

SimRush operates as a stand-alone business connection meaning you can confidently replace any poor performing existing connections. However SimRush can also be combined with fixed line, wireless and satellite internet connectivity to act as failover  or a speed boost when you need it most. It can also be used in bonded mode.  

How SimRush Superfast 4G Broadband Works
The SimRush Ecosystem

Who uses SimRush? 

Everyone! Commercial offices, temporary sites, working from home, manufacturing, retail outlets, mobile outlets, cafes, hotels, restaurants, farms, agriculture, telemetry, CCTV operators and more. If you need connectivity, then SimRush is for you. 

How much does SimRush cost? 

Pricing is based on an initial cost for the hardware and installation fee, then an ongoing monthly cost for data. 

There is a range of different hardware models to adapt to different physical and technical requirements. If you want a free non-obligatory quote from your nearest Approved Reseller then just fill out this form.  

SimRush software is sold under licence; but the SimRush licence is usually provided free of charge by your Approved Reseller when you purchase your data SIM from them.  


What if I move to a new house or business premises? 

No problem! You can take your SimRush down from its installation point and take it with you to your new location. You can arrange an Accredited Installer to do this for you or you can do this yourself . 

Does SimRush work outside of the UK? 

Yes it will depending on the frequency availability from local carrier. The SimRush outdoor device supports the popular LTE FDD bands 3 (1800MHz) and 7 (2600MHz). 

What latency can I expect? 

Latency is low at 20-30ms which is comparable with fixed line broadband. 

Why don’t I have the internet?

If your SimRush service has gone offline then we have a comprehensive troubleshoot guide.


Can I have a Static Public IP? 

Yes you can. Our Static Public IP service is available to SimRush customers providing remote access to devices for a variety of purposes. The IP address we provide is carrier agnostic meaning. The SimRush Public IP address re-establishes itself over any connection remaining a constant Static Public IP Address that can be reached from anywhere in the world.  No more guesswork when it comes to what you IP address for when you want to remotely access your network.  

Can I use SimRush Instead of a Leased Line? 

Yes! Many of our customers have chosen to install SimRush instead of a leased line.  

Not only does it provide fantastic download and upload speeds, but it can compete with a leased line in a number of ways:  

SimRush is cheaper to install – No activation fees, no excess construction charges.  

SimRush is significantly cheaper to run –   The monthly cost of a SimRush is also significantly cheaper than a leased line. For example, in the UK, unlimited data is available for £30 per month. 

SimRush is takes less time to install – SimRush can be up and running within 24 hours. No waiting weeks for permissions and wayleaves. The average installation time is 2 hours. No digging up the area surrounding your property – or anyone else’s! SimRush just sits on your roof. 


SimRush can be installed quickly whilst your Ethernet leased line service is waiting to be delivered.  Sometime leased line services can take many months to install. 

Can SimRush be used with multiple 4G carriers? 

Yes, SimRush can be designed to load balance between multiple carrier networks.  SimRush Power, Pro and Core product can have multiple outdoor units using separate carriers for each device.  Internet traffic will be equally loaded across all available WAN connections providing you with fail safe redundancy for your internet connection. 

Why is SimRush better than alternatives such as Satellite and Wireless? 

SimRush offers a faster, more reliable and cheaper alternative to other rural broadband solutions. SimRush has superior low latency (20-30ms), equivalent to fibre broadband, which enables VoIP services to work reliably and for web pages to load quickly. Wireless broadband needs line of sight to the wireless tower, but SimRush does not and therefore is much more reliable and will not be affected by uncontrollable variables like the weather or trees. 

Is SimRush compatible with social WiFi for guests? 

Yes. Should you require the ability to capture client information and usage statistics, we can tailor a custom hotspot for your business. 

However, all SimRush hardware comes with a basic secure guest WiFi as standard, so you don’t have to give away your router password to any visitors you want to share your WiFi with. This keeps the data on your personal devices safe and secure from the nosey parkers you know and the ones you don’t. 


Does the outdoor unit have built in lightening protection? 

No – lightening suppression is not supplied with the outdoor unit. 

Can I Use VoIP with SimRush? 

SimRush offers a fast and reliable connection for all VoIP services. It is also a great way to access WIFI calling using a mobile phone.  SimRush recommends a static public IP address to be used in conjunction with VoIP services. 

Does a SimRush fixed IP reduce the speeds of a VoIP service? 
It’s actually more a case of latency than speed. The tunnel adds perhaps about 5-10ms approximate latency and the tunnel by default caps the throughput at 50mb just to give it some fair usage for static users, but this 50mb speed cap on the tunnel can be changed/increased on the SimRush network, as it tunnels back to our European datacentres – by that point it’s then purely down to what speed the 4G network carrier at the mast and contention can give you. For example, if the mast has only got 40mb to give, the tunnel wont limit until 50mb. 

Can I use 2 unlimited data SIM’s in the same Outdoor Unit (Dual SIM ODU)?

The beauty of the SimRush outdoor units working with two data SIMS, is that when the data runs out of one SIM (i.e a 120GB data SIM) the unit will automatically failover to the second data SIM. This means that there is no need to change your SIM or constantly be topping up the data allowance. However if you have an unlimited data SIM, the network does not register you hitting your data cap. Therefore, there is no failover signal to the second data SIM in the unit. The 2nd unlimited therefore becomes redundant.

My monthly data allowance is averaging over 1TB (over the unlimited data allowance) – what SIM should I get?

If you are using more than 1TB of data a month then you can use a second unlimited data SIM. The second unlimited data SIM must be used in a second outdoor unit. You cannot put two unlimited data SIMs in a single outdoor unit.


Where do I buy a SIM? 

Talk to your Approved Reseller or contact us. 

Can I track my data usage? 

Usage can usually be tracked for SIMs – ask your SimRush Approved Reseller.  

Can I buy an unlimited data package? 

These are readily available in the UK. For further details and pricing please ask your SimRush Approved Reseller or contact us. 

How do I know how much data I need? 

If you already have an internet connection at your premises, contact your existing provider who will be able to tell you how much data each month you are currently using. 

If you’re a residential user take our Residential Data Use Quiz to get your estimated usage. 

If you’re a business user take our Business Data Use Quiz to get your estimated usage. 

How can you ensure I don’t exceed my data allowance? 

Most carriers provide capped data SIMs. You can usually buy a data add-on s if you date runs out. Ask your SimRush Approved Reseller.  

How much data does WiFi calling use? 

90 minutes of WiFi calling uses approximately 1Gb of data. 

I want to start accepting card payments at my business premises using a card machine that runs over WiFi. Will this use lots of SimRush data? 

Based on research from various card payment providers we suggest data use is about 10-75Kb for each completed transaction. 


Does the hardware have a warranty? 

Yes! All SimRush hardware comes with the standard manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months. In addition, technical support, support for the firmware and provision of updates is offered to all customers with a valid product licence. 

What after sales support do you provide? 

After sales service will be provided through your approved reseller.