29th July 2016

SimRush is Superfast 4G LTE Connectivity

SimRush provides connectivity solutions for businesses and homes that are unable to get fast internet via fixed line, wireless or satellite methods. It is the ultimate solution for places where internet connectivity is essential, but not possible. As it does not rely on a phone line it is also well-suited to situations where the connectivity need is temporary or mobile.

SimRush uses 4G LTE data as its primary transit method and is deployed in a multitude of use cases. SimRush is designed to enable it to be configured to work in harmony with other connectivity into premises if required. This ensures 4G data allowances can be used in the most cost-effective way.

SimRush hardware can be used ‘out of the box’ and can be installed and up and running in a couple of hours. The cloud-managed devices are automatically kept up to date by us and can be managed locally by end-users via the management portal SPanel.

SimRush hardware can be configured to meet customers’ bespoke needs. This enables us to meet the specific requirements of our customers in more complex network environments or as part of a wider connectivity solution.

SimRush provides an extremely reliable and robust broadband connectivity solution for homes and businesses who live in rural areas.

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View the downloadable SimRush pdf brochure

SimRush Installation

Most SimRush models comprise an Outdoor Unit (ODU) and a Controller, which is located internally to the premises. The SimRush ODU uses a data SIM to provide the main 4G LTE signal from the nearest mast to the premises.

The exact location of the ODU depends on which part of the property can receive the very best service signal.

The location is important when determining the best location to place the SimRush ODU. This is because it has to be placed in the most suitable spot to receive the best signal from the closest data mast.

Occasionally, the SimRush ODU has to be placed away from the property to receive a signal.