About SimRush

How did SimRush start?

Pete Freeman, our founder, has always had a knack for solving problems with technology. At FreeClix, Pete created bespoke internet solutions for rural businesses that needed the internet. Around the time 4G started emerging, he started programming 4G hardware to receive the most direct signal from 4G masts.

In other words, he achieved mega broadband speeds for businesses that couldn’t even get a mobile signal!

This meant that rural businesses could grow and expand using new technology. Not only could businesses benefit from the internet, but as the hardware could be accessed from ANYWHERE via the cloud, other IT sellers wanted to offer it to their customers too.

When Justine Thomas knew about this awesome technology, she just had to get involved. Justine runs the operational side of the business.

The reason we started SimRush?

To bring high speed broadband to businesses that were too remote for a fixed line solution.

As for the reason we’re still here six years later?

Because we want to help businesses get online when they cannot get broadband by traditional means.

The Team

SimRush co-founders Peter Freeman and Justine Thomas.

About SimRush

What is SimRush

SimRush hardware connects reliably to 4G LTE and 5G in places where a mobile phone doesn’t even know coverage is there.

SimRush is a unique solution enabling delivery of superfast broadband to businesses and homes that are unable to get superfast broadband via fixed line, wireless or satellite. As it does not rely on a phone line it is also well suited for situations where connectivity is required for temporary or mobile access.

SimRush hardware performs a specific and complex role in the delivery of broadband services. Our devices are cloud managed to ensure consistent high performance and reliability.

The product can be configured to meet your bespoke technical requirements and WiFi coverage can be extended with additional hardware. It can be deployed into any premises as part of a wider connectivity solution and is suitable for use in complex network environments.

Device settings are continually backed up to our data centre enabling us to perform troubleshooting for our customers should the need arise. (We do not monitor or store any of your traffic data, for example your browsing activity).

Cloud management enables your SimRush to be automatically updated with the latest firmware releases which are rigorously tested and approved before being pushed to your device.

Static IP addressing is available on all SimRush systems as an additional option.

After Sales Support is provided by our dedicated technical service desk.

SimRush Hardware

The SimRush Controller is all important to the way our system works. The Controller “phones home” to our data centre using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel. This connection allows our cloud-based management system, SPanel, to monitor and configure your SimRush Controller’s network settings and WiFi services securely. Local access is locked down to prevent misconfiguration.

One of the unique features of the system is the way that we can load balance your internet traffic across multiple outdoor units (ODUs) and/or an auxiliary WAN connection automatically. This programming has been done by default and ensures that traffic to HTTPS (SSL) sites are locked by connection to whichever outgoing path the traffic originates on, preventing rejection from the secure host.

Our system uses a sophisticated routing table with automatic failover, sensing which WAN connections are actually live and balances traffic across all available routes.
One of the unique characteristics of our SimRush Public IP address service is that it is network independent. The Public IP address will self-heal by establishing the controller’s connection to our data centre over any active WAN connection. There’s no need for dynamic DNS, all Public IP related traffic is maintained regardless of the WAN link used.

SPanel Customer Portal

SPanel is the SimRush customer portal. All devices are locked down to prevent local access that could result in a misconfiguration. The only way to make changes to the system is via SPanel. All hardware devices can be viewed and managed at client or reseller level.

You can see which devices are online or offline, view device serial numbers and view statistics including interface traffic graphs.

SimRush simplifies the user experience enabling changes to be easily made to local networking parameters.
The portal allows both customer or reseller to make changes to all SimRush devices including:

  • Local LAN addressing.
  • DHCP parameters.
  • DNS settings.
  • Port forwarding.
  • Static LAN addressing.
  • DHCP reservations.
  • WiFi SSIDs and passwords.
  • WiFi frequency settings for individual access points.
  • Duplicated or separated WiFi settings for 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks.
  • WiFi device access control lists (including time-based blocking for parental control.)
  • Guest WiFi preferences can also be managed via the portal.
  • Additional SPanel users can also be added if required.
Product Licence

The SimRush Product Licence gives you access to technical support for your devices, the newest features via updates and up-to-date security protection.

It also gives you access to SPanel , our online device management portal that allows you to make device changes such as local LAN addresses, DHCP services, port forwarding, wireless SSID and passwords.

The SimRush Product Licence has been designed to allow you to easily renew and scale your devices to fit your changing needs. The base product licence can be monthly or annual and commences with the original purchase, additional units can be added and are co-termed with hardware already on the licence. If the devices under licence need to be changed, for example after upgrade, this can be easily achieved and ensures all your devices remain fully supported.

Automatic renewal reminders are sent to end users to help ensure the licence does not lapse.

Bespoke Options

An array of bespoke options can be configured to any SimRush hardware to suit your own network needs.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN), with IPSec security.
  • Guest networks with self service WiFi portal and optional PayPal integration.
  • Multiple networks including Vlan configurations, and multiple WiFi SSIDs.

SimRush bespoke options can also allow for traffic shaping, for example controlling traffic for identified devices to utilise a specific external path, Network Bandwidth Prioritisation and Quality of Service (QoS).

Technical support

First line technical support for incidents is provided directly to end users by Approved Resellers. Escalated support requests are made via Approved Resellers.

Technical support includes:

  • System and configuration upgrades and updates.
  • Deployment of bug fixes
  • Change of local IP range (Subnet).
  • Investigate WiFi connectivity issues. (Including Drop outs)
  • Investigate CAP connectivity issues.
  • Investigate Wireless Controller config / communication issues.
  • Investigate internet connectivity issues when data is available.
  • Set static DHCP reservations for LAN devices and fix to IP firewall address lists.
  • Per Access Point channel/frequency management for 2.4 & 5ghz networks.

First line technical support:

  • Does not extend to 3rd party equipment
  • Does not extend to connectivity related to cabling by installer
  • Does not extend to non-approved SimRush install
  • Does not extend to the use of the wrong power supply

Change requests and support outside of the above parameters is not included in the product license fee.


All SimRush hardware comes with a standard 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Our New 5G product

We’ve recently launched our very first 5G product. Send us a message to find out more!