About the SimRush Licence

What is the SimRush Product Licence?

The SimRush Licence gives you remote support, diagnostics and firmware updates via our helpdesk. You also get access to “SPanel” the SimRush management portal.

The SimRush Product Licence has been designed to allow you to easily renew and scale your devices to fit your changing needs. The base product licence can be monthly or annual and commences with the original purchase, additional units can be added and are co-termed with hardware already on the licence. If the devices under licence need to be changed, for example after upgrade, this can be easily achieved and ensures all your devices remain fully supported.

Automatic renewal reminders are sent to end users to help ensure the licence does not lapse. Unlicenced hardware will be disconnected from the SimRush network. Your hardware will still work, but you won’t be able to access any of the SimRush features and your hardware will no longer be supported. 

What does it include?

Technical Support

First line technical support for incidents is provided directly to end users by Approved Resellers. Escalated support requests are made via Approved Resellers.

Technical support includes:
  • System and configuration upgrades and updates.
  • Deployment of bug fixes
  • Change of local IP range (Subnet).
  • Investigate WiFi connectivity issues. (Including Drop outs)
  • Investigate CAP connectivity issues.
  • Investigate Wireless Controller config / communication issues.
  • Investigate internet connectivity issues when data is available.
  • Set static DHCP reservations for LAN devices and fix to IP firewall address lists.
  • Per Access Point channel/frequency management for 2.4 & 5ghz networks.
Technical support does not extend to:
  • Use or integration with 3rd party equipment.
  • Cabling issues.
  • Non-approved SimRush install.
  • Use of the wrong power supply.
  • On-site call outs. SimRush support is remote.

Change requests and support outside of the above parameters is not included in the product licence fee.