5G Scotland – Everything You Need to Know

5G Scotland, here’s everything you need to know! Although 5G has been rolled out in certain areas of Scotland, it is yet to be rolled out across the whole of Scotland. The main places yet to receive 5G coverage are based in rural areas. 2019 saw the introduction of 5G in Scotland and since then it has continue to grow and grow. The networks that originally rolled out 5G in Scotland were EE and Vodafone.

Is 5G available

Yes! 5G is now available in Scotland. In particular, 5g mobile connectivity can be found in many towns and cities throughout Scotland.

Cities with coverage

The following cities in Scotland have 5G: Aberdeen Dundee Edinburgh Glasgow

Towns with coverage

The following towns in Scotland have 5G: Ayr Barrhead Inchinnan Motherwell Paisley

How do I know if I have 5G coverage

You can use these 5G coverage checkers to check if you have 5G coverage in your area. All you need is your postcode and the checker will do the rest for you.

How fast is it?

5G offers enhanced connectivity compared to 4G. For example, a device connected to the internet via 5G is around five times faster than a device connected to the 4G network.

5G Scotland Coverage Map

Here’s a 5G Scotland map detailing which towns and cities in Scotland have 5G.

Coverage map showing the places which currently have 5G in Scotland.

5G Broadband

If you are thinking about connecting to 5G and are currently in Scotland then 5G broadband is a great option for you if you live in a town or city that has 5G. 

If you are located in a rural location then 4G broadband will probably enable you to get the fastest upload and download speeds.

If you are unsure what broadband service will work best for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you find the best option according to your needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about 5G broadband.


The Scottish government are hoping to fully roll out 5G in Scotland in line with their digital connectivity strategy. The Scottish government cannot give a specific date for when 5G will be fully rolled out in Scotland as it is dependant on when the main networks install the digital infrastructure. 

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The UK Government must now act quickly on this opportunity for a truly transformative change in our economy. We are already seeing businesses across Scotland benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation through innovative use of technology,” she added. 

“This will be an important step towards ensuring we have world-class connectivity as part of our future economic strategy.” The advanced capabilities of the 5G high-speed network truly do make it transformational technology.

Scotland 5G Centre

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering world-class infrastructure across all parts of Scotland. According to https://www.scottishfuturestrust.org.uk/page/the-scotladn-5g-centre, they want people to be able to access high quality services at affordable prices wherever they live or work.

This means investing in new roads, rail links, broadband networks, energy systems, schools, hospitals and other vital facilities. It also includes making sure these investments meet the needs of local communities by providing social value and community benefits alongside economic growth. 

One of the ways this can be achieved is by utilising mobile network technology to improve productivity and the delivery of high quality public services. The Scotland 5G Centre is an exciting project that was set up to encourage the use of 5G throughout Scotland to make it a nationwide network.