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4G/5G Broadband For Businesses

Businesses of all sizes need fast and high-quality internet. Reduce downtime and stay more productive with a super-fast internet connection.

If you’re anything like us, then you appreciate things that just work.

That’s why we’ve created a service that’s easy and reliable and lets us focus on what matters: Your business.

Why do businesses need superfast broadband?


Have a backup internet connection to ensure that if their main method of connectivity fails, they remain connected to the internet using failover.


Run video calls, webinars and online events seamlessly.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor equipment remotely such as CCTV systems.


Communicate internally and externally even when there is no phone signal.

SimRush delivers superfast 4G broadband to large businesses throughout the UK

Businesses we've worked with include:
  • Freight and Shipping Companies
  • Large Hospitality Businesses such as stately hotels, golf clubs, country clubs, spas and campsites
  • Companies hiring out boats, motorhomes, cars and campervans
  • Facilities management companies
  • IT Managers in a range of sectors from telecoms to healthcare services

SimRush is a high-performance communication solution that enables businesses of all sizes to work together remotely at lightning fast speeds.

Simply put, we make communication faster and more effective than ever before.

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Case Study
4G Business broadband:

How the UK's largest cargo liner agent gained a wireless network for a 40 acre site for security monitoring and increased productivity

Kestrel Liner's Journey

It wouldn’t make sense for the directors of the UK’s largest cargo liner agent to be unable to work together online, right?

Well unfortunately, like many sectors, they were slightly behind the times when it came to connectivity trends.

Kestrel Liner Agencies is the UKs largest cargo liner agent, specialising in worldwide freight management and winner of the Queens Award for International trade, the only shipping company to have received the honour.

  • Kestrel Liner’s directors became sick of being unable to work remotely from their rural homes. They were looking for a connectivity solution that would allow them to collaborate with each other without a glitch.
  • They were also keen to implement remote access to CCTV surveillance equipment the slow speeds of their existing connection meant this was not possible.

Each of their 4G MiFi dongles was performing poorly.

Alternative connectivity options such as fibre and a leased line were explored but fibre was not enabled in their area and a leased line incurring excessive installation charges of thousands of pounds neither were suitable options.

How SimRush made 4G Work for Them

By installing SimRush at their premises, overall speeds would be improved and allow for remote access to their surveillance equipment.


  1. Established their current data usage on their current connection.
  2. Conducted an onsite visit to establish what speeds could be expected.
  3. SimRush was installed via its resellers.
  4. Firewall rules were required so that a bespoke configuration could be implemented, enabling the existing ADSL connection to work alongside the SimRush and allowing for remote access to the CCTV systems.
  5. The ADSL worked alongside SimRush, which meant that low priority traffic was sent through the ADSL connection, and high priority traffic through the SimRush ensuring faster speeds are delivered where needed the most.
The Result

Increased Speeds, Patience & Productivity

Kestrel Liner Agencies now have access to internet speeds over 30Mbps, enabling them to stay constantly connected with the rest of the business.
This increased speeds x10 fold.

They now have remote access to their video surveillance network, providing an overall better browsing experience and providing them with the ability to do Zoom calls.

There are now plans to expand the wireless network across their 40 acre property too.

Now Kestrel Liners know anything is now possible.

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