9th August 2018

Understanding your data usage

Everything you do online will use data which will be taken from your monthly data allowance.

While some things, like normal web browsing and email, only consume small amounts of data, there are others, such as watching Netflix, YouTube videos and streaming catch-up TV, that can guzzle data very quickly.

What can I get for 1Gb of data?

Streaming Music  – 120 tracks or 6 hours

Streaming Video  – SD  – 45 mins

Streaming Video  – HD  – 15 mins

Catch up TV – 90 mins

Online Gaming – 20 hours

View web pages  – 1000

Upload low res photos – 4000

Send or receive email without attachment – 16,000

Send or receive email with word or excel attachment – 3000

Send email with high res photo – 64

It’s also worth remembering your home many have smart devices using data in the background. And don’t forget those apps on your smart phone, many apps are updated frequently and if you aren’t careful, will update in the background and use data without you realising. It’s worth looking at your app settings in Android devices or background App Refresh Settings on Apple devices.

Some other helpful ways of conserving your data usage include:

– Turning windows 10 automatic updates off
– Streaming in standard definition not HD or 4K
– Limit internet access to visitors and prevent them from accessing your network by not giving them the password
– Use professional guest management software Social-i to restrict amount of data used by your visitors

Remember if you’ve got children using the connectivity too you’re more likely to see an increase in data usage during school holidays.


Actual data usage will vary widely by activity and device. SimRush does not warranty the accuracy of these estimates.