4G Broadband

SimRush utilises 4G LTE technology to provide homes and businesses with superfast internet. SimRush is sometimes referred to as ‘4G broadband’ even though it’s better than standard 4G broadband. Keep reading to discover what makes SimRush stand out from the 4G crowd!

Why SimRush is a Revolutionary 4G Broadband Solution

SimRush has an “eco-system” which makes it the “go to” product for commercial environments. Other consumer-type 4G broadband solutions are acceptable for SOHO or consumer use in areas with a strong 4G signal, but they absolutely do not provide the enterprise-grade wealth of features that an SME or large business requires. To function effectively with superfast connectivity, features such as secure managed Wi-Fi and guest network services are essential.

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What are the Benefits of Using 4G Wireless Internet?

Where to begin! Firstly, it comes down to how heavily you rely on your internet connection. Let’s compare your internet connection with a mobile phone device. You might have a 4G mobile phone that costs £100. The £100 model comes with 4G so you can browse the internet. However, if you want to be able to stream videos, take photos or lock your phone with a passcode you will probably buy a higher-priced device such as an iPhone. The same rationale applies to your 4G device. You could buy a standard 4G router from Amazon that connects to the internet, but it won’t come with additional enterprise-class features.

You should use a business class 4G solution if you care about:
  • How fast your broadband speed is
  • Who can access your WiFi
  • Securing the WiFi
  • Offering guest WiFi
  • Having a dedicated support team
  • Having the power to manage your WiFi
  • Utilising a static IP address to manage your devices remotely
  • You want to have multiple users and devices connected to the internet
  • You want a 4G failover
The following features make SimRush enterprise class:
  • It works in areas without a mobile phone signal
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • WPS disabled
  • Guest WiFi
  • Static IP
  • Cloud based device management
  • Managed remote support
  • Self-healing hardware
  • Content filtering options
  • Plus much more!

4G Broadband

What is 4G Broadband?

4G is a mobile network. The 4G mobile network enables you to use the internet to access services such as video conferencing, instant messaging, streaming services, browse the web, VoIP calls and more. 4G has been enabling people to access the internet for more than ten years. 4G, like all mobile networks, works by a device communicating with a data mast. Data masts are also called base stations. Data masts are located throughout the UK. View your nearest carrier by visiting Root Metrics.

How Does 4G Broadband Compare To Fixed Line Broadband?

Fixed line broadband is an internet connection to a property delivered through a phone line or via your internet service provider’s cables. Fixed line broadband is typically delivered through ADSL or fibre cables. The line will deliver the internet from a cabinet on the street to a property. The line connects to an internal router which you can then connect your devices too over WiFi. Properties in rural locations can struggle to get a fixed line internet connection. This is mainly because telephone cables to their property do not exist, making it very expensive to complete the necessary construction work and install the cables.

If you currently cannot get a superfast internet connection using fixed line broadband, the 4G broadband solution SimRush will provide you with superfast broadband speeds, without the need for any messy cabling or construction work at the property.

What is SimRush?

SimRush delivers superfast broadband to businesses and homes that are unable to get superfast download and upload speeds via fixed line, wireless or satellite methods. SimRush is an unique solution which combines fully managed hardware and 4G LTE data to deliver incredible broadband speeds to businesses and homes.

SimRush can connect to 4G LTE data in places where your mobile phone can’t. Combine SimRush with our secure WiFi with guest WiFi options and you get awesome broadband speeds whilst keeping your privacy safe. SimRush can even combine with other types of connection to act as failover or to boost your speed exactly when you need it.

SimRush has created an “eco-system” which makes it the “go to” product for commercial environments. Other consumer-type 4G broadband solutions on the market are acceptable for SOHO or consumer use in areas with a strong 4G signal, but they absolutely do not provide the enterprise-grade wealth of features that an SME or large business will require in order to function effectively beyond superfast connectivity, such as secure managed Wi-Fi and guest network services.

How Does SimRush Work in Areas Without a Mobile Phone Signal?

SimRush is configured to receive the very best 4G LTE signal. You can read more about SimRush on the SimRush about page, or continue reading!

The key difference between SimRush and any other 4G provider, is that the primary 4G router is mounted externally and contains a focused directional antenna. The external router is then connected to the SimRush internal router via pure Ethernet meaning there is no degradation in signal. This is why SimRush can get superfast broadband in remote locations that have zero phone signal.

Other consumer type systems that use external antennae only connect to an indoor router, meaning the signal degrades along the cable run, resulting in poor or no signal internally. SimRush equipment connects to the 4G service at the external source then directly connects via Ethernet so there is no signal loss as it travels into the property. This Ethernet cable can also be mounted up to 95m away from the internal router, exceeding the limitations of consumer-type external antennae links which only extend between 5-10m at best.