Redefining Superfast

Why Choose Simrush?

Broadband slow or unavailable?

You want superfast speed but can’t get it via fixed line, wireless or satellite. Or, your location can’t access superfast as it doesn’t have a phone line for fixed line internet or is inaccessible for wireless.

fast deployment of temporary broadband

You need instant broadband for a temporary location such as workplace, retail space, event or mobile home. Or, you need superfast connectivity in-between a premises move.

Save Waiting weeks or months for Leased line

You need a Pre-Ethernet solution in a few days and your leased line installation is weeks or even months away. You then want to use it as your resilient back up for business continuity.

Get A 4G/5G STATIC IP for your connection

You want remote access to devices such as CCTV. You want a a static IP address that can be assigned to any connection method or combination of connections out of the box.

What's it all About?

4G & 5G LTE technology like you've never used before
You can't see it but SimRush can

SimRush uses 4G/5G LTE hardware and connectivity to deliver incredible broadband speeds. SimRush can connect to 4G/5G LTE data in places where your mobile phone doesn't even know it is there. You can't see it but SimRush can. Combine it with our secure managed WiFi with enterprise grade features and you get awesome broadband speeds whilst keeping your privacy safe. SimRush can even be combined with other types of connection to act as failover or to boost your speed exactly when you need it. Add a SimRush carrier independent static IP and take your connectivity to the next level.

  • Fantastic Speeds - up & down

    Up to 5Gbps download on 5G- it's like fibre broadband.

  • Secure Guest Wifi Option

    Share your WiFi without sharing your personal data.

  • Cloud Managed Devices

    Saves you time & hassle - it all works magically!


    Ditch it & save the dosh.

What are People Saying?

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Bespoke configuration & installation options for your business available - Unlimited Data SIMs Available

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